Summer camps provide excellent opportunities for children to involve in socialisation and skill-building activities during the summer breaks. However, the choice of the appropriate summer camp becomes much harder when you happen to be a parent of a child on an autism disorder spectrum.

Talisman organises summer camps for children with ADHD every year. Our camps focus on skill-building and integration of autistic children into the society through a range of activities. Our camps offer a range of activities for kids with ADHD that help the campers to continue progressing with regular school routine during the summer breaks.

Students with Autism and STEM studies

A study conducted in 2012 on the preference of students in picking STEM subjects ended up with some interesting conclusions. Its findings revealed that students with autism were more likely to opt for a STEM subject as a major in the college than their peers from the general populace. While general students have an overall ratio of 23 percent of choosing a STEM, the number increase to 34 percent in students with ADHD. We, at Talisman, have taken these statistics into consideration and have scheduled our
camps to ensure that the campers get the learning of most advanced and recent developments with regard to the STEM.

lisman’Tas STEM summer camps

One of Talisman’s camps is called special needs camp stem Atlanta. These camps will provide students with fun, exciting, and hands-on experience through the amazing application of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This technique is also known as STEM and the camps offering STEM are called STEM camps.

Talisman’s special needs camp STEM Atlanta are built to develop interest, knowledge and skill of the campers into engineering and technology. Our STEM camps focus on the technical skill-building of campers with ADHD so they could take this knowledge not only into the classroom but could also make a successful career out of it.

Our special needs camp STEM Atlanta additionally provides campers with current knowledge and skills which are being looked for by the recruiters in different firms and businesses.

Aside from regular activities commonly arranged by almost every summer camp
program, Talisman ensures to get the campers engaged into fun and social activities that could be helpful for children with ADHD to build social skills. The campers are taken on a trip to different location sites and attractions after a few hours long academic session at the camp.

Aside from typical academic activities, Talisman special needs camp STEM Atlanta focus on the personal growth of the campers. To avoid the regression among the campers during the summer break, we continually keep them engaged in activities that eventually help them grow and remain intact with the regular school education.