Our Philosophy: Talisman Programs for Children with Autism or ADHD

Talisman Programs Philosophy:

At Talisman Programs for children with autism or ADHD, we believe that every child wants to do well, and that every child has unique strengths, struggles and outlooks on life. At our camp, these beliefs require a special outlook and special tools. In order to help all of our campers reach their potential, we must meet them as individuals, and not attempt to fit them into one mold. Therefore, we use a variety of tools to guide our campers as they strive to meet their objectives in socially appropriate and fulfilling ways.

Talisman Programs believes that structure and accountability are critical in this process – as are positive relationships and the recognition of accomplishments. As a child’s self-concept improves, he or she will make better decisions, relate better to others, and experience a more satisfying life. We believe that when a person feels safe and accepted, they relax and are better able to learn and grow and accept themselves.

Talisman Programs believes that in order for children to develop into responsible and capable adults, they need to be given the chance to stretch and to try new things. We provide a high level of physical and emotional safety, which allows campers room to experiment with appropriate levels of independence. Here, they can learn the balance between where they can step out and when it is good to ask for help. We believe they want to assume greater responsibility for themselves, and that our programs for children with autism or ADHD are a great place to practice the necessary skills in an accepting community.

Talisman Programs Help Campers with autism or ADHD:

  1. Build self-confidence
  2. Increase independence
  3. Discover motivation
  4. Improve social skills
  5. Accept personal responsibility
  6. Develop meaningful friendships