Our Favorite Movies About Autism

2022 Update: It isn't all about Movies about Autism, sometimes there are shows about Autism! There is a really good series focused on people with autism finding love, called Love on the Spectrum. You can find it on Netflix; there are a few seasons at this point. It was one of our favorite binge shows of the summer! The show follows a few different guys and girls on the spectrum and gives a chance to see how they do on their first dates and how they navigate finding a partner with friends, hobbies, and the approval of their parents. There is a lot in here Talisman families will easily relate to!

There are a lot of options these days for movies about autism these days.  In the past film did not always offer the best portrait of what Autism looks like but we have a bunch of great resources now to show Autism in a different light. Movies about Autism can help to explain signs and symptoms and how special Autism can be.

Below are our top 4 movies about Autism parents of kids with Autism may want to check out. They are great to share with friends and family to answer questions an give insight as to what is expected moving forward.

Top Four Movies About Autism

1) Fly Away (2011)

This moving film centers on Jeanne (Beth Broderick) and her relationship with her daughter, Mandy (Ashley Rickards), a teenager with autism. As Mandy gets older and her needs change, Jeanne works to reconcile her own goals for daughter with what is actually best for Mandy.

2) Autism in Love (2016)

Autism in Love follows the story of four adults with an autism spectrum disorder as they search for and manage romantic relationships. Lenny, a 22 year-old native Californian, has been struggling to come to terms with who he is and accept autism. This label has been one of the biggest hurdles for him to overcome and has made meeting girls and dating seemingly impossible.

3) Adam (2009)

Soon after moving in, Beth, a brainy, beautiful writer damaged from a past relationship encounters Adam, the handsome, but odd, fellow in the downstairs apartment whose awkwardness is perplexing. Beth and Adam's ultimate connection leads to a tricky relationship that exemplifies something universal: truly reaching another person means bravely stretching into uncomfortable territory and the resulting shake-up can be liberating.

4) Mary and Max (2009)

In the mid-1970's, a homely, friendless Australian girl of 8 picks a name out of a Manhattan phone book and writes to him; she includes a chocolate bar.


Movies about Autism

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If you are looking for summer options for kids with Autism, consider contacting Talisman Camps. If you are looking for good movies about Autism checkout the movies above!

What are your favorite Movies about Autism?

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