Activities for Children with Special Needs

At Talisman Programs, there are always new and exciting activities for children with special needs! The activities for children with special needs below cover just some of the exciting activities your child might participate in during a typical day on- or off-campus.

On-Campus Activities:

Quidditch: Hogwarts comes to Talisman as our campus becomes summer training grounds for aspiring Quidditch players.  Loads of fun, even for those who cannot yet fly.  Muggles welcome!

Gaga:  Jump into the hottest game in camps today!  This is dodgeball 2.0, a whole lot more fun – and safer.  Collect in the octagon “pit” and pass the ball around with your hands, trying to get others “out” by making contact below the waist.

Science: Get ready for exciting chemical reactions and crazy experiments with our mad-scientist instructor, who has been known to blow some things up from time to time, but always in a safe, fun and educational way.

Arts & Crafts: Let your imagination run wild, and maybe even make something to take home to Mom and Dad. Every day is different, with a focus on expression and creativity. Also, if you’re looking to build a cardboard kayak, arts & crafts is the place to do it!

Tree Climbing: Think you have what it takes to get to the top of our huge white oak tree? Well, grab a helmet and strap into a harness, because technical tree climbing (using ropes and other gear) is one of the many fun and exciting on-site activities that campers get the chance to try while at Talisman.

Archery and Sling Shots: Test your steady hand and sharp eye on our archery range.  Learn the safety  and skills to shoot like a pro.  Ready, aim,  BULLSEYE!

Pool: It is always nice to take a relaxing dip in the pool to get out of the heat of the summer, but if you don’t feel like relaxing you can always start up a game of water basketball or maybe a game of Marco Polo. Groups often come here to cool off after a long day of fun in the sun.

Pond Games: Canoe races, fishing or just floating around – the pond is always tons of fun.

Blacktop Games: The black top is full of fun activities for any camper’s interest. Basketball, tetherball, four square and of course, giant chess all happen on the blacktop.

Field Games: Go down to the field and let out some of that energy. You can play soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, team initiatives or use your imagination to come up with a brand new game.

Tie-Dye: Who wants a plain white shirt anyway? Head up to the arts & crafts room to get some dye and get that shirt looking groovy.

Slip & Slide: A huge plastic tarp, lots of soap (bio-degradable of course) and water and a big hill – the perfect combination for fun.

Off-Campus Activities:

Rock Climbing: Grab a helmet and head down the road to some beautiful local rocks for a day of exciting climbing with our certified climbing instructor. Learn to top-rope climb and go a little way, or all the way to the top!

Tubing:  Who wouldn’t like to spend the day relaxing on a tube floating down the Green River?  We bring our own and take a leisurely float down this popular waterway – life vests included!

Canoeing: Learn all about the basics of canoeing on the beautiful Lake Summit. It is just a short drive down the road, and just the right size for a day trip and picnic.

Hiking: Spend a couple of days exploring Pisgah National Forest and learning all about wildlife, plant life and wilderness skills. We go on day hikes to waterfalls and overnight backpacking trips to primitive campsites.

Ziplining: Go flying with our friends down at Camp Spearhead or the famous Green River Gorge – strap into a harness and helmet, learn from your instructor and then take off for a treetop tour of the forest!  Check it out The Gorge here!

Horseback Riding: Pretend you are in the Wild West with your trusty steed while learning to care for and ride a horse at one of our neighboring camps.

Inflatable Kayaking: Get ready for a fun-filled day with our friends at Green River Adventures. Fun-yaking is by far one of the most popular trips at camp.  Visit Green River Adventures here!

Whitewater Rafting: Grab your helmet, PFD and paddle because it’s time for some whitewater adventures. Hang on; it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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