These days, there are summer camps for everyone. Where ADHD was barely recognized as a true medical diagnosis a few years ago, today there are summer camps for children with ADHD scattered across the United States. There are even specialty summer camps for children with ADHD focusing on art, horseback riding, therapy, travel, and more! With so many summer camps for children with ADHD across the country, many parents find themselves wondering: What are the leading summer camps for children with ADHD? It can be hard to research all of the camps in the country, which is why we're sharing this article. For over 40 years, Talisman Camps has run programs every summer designed specifically for children with ADHD, autism, and Aspergers.

Here’s a bit more about why our camp is one of the leading summer camps for children with ADHD:

No summer camps for children with ADHD can be successful without passion. Take the stories from some of our team members as examples. Camp Director Douglas Smathers has spent the majority of his life working with children, teens, and young adults who have special needs. Before he was hired at Talisman Camps, he worked as a behavior specialist at special needs camps for nearly a decade. Admissions Director Robiyn Mims began at Talisman as a director in 1998. After taking a break from Talisman to study clinical and school psychology, she is back with the camp. Every time someone experiences Talisman, they’re hooked. The passion for helping children with learning differences have an awesome summer is what keeps our staff members around year after year.

For nearly four decades, Talisman Camps has been dedicated to our campers. Why else would be have campers return year after year? It’s important to us at Talisman that our camp is more than just a place where kids go in the summer to relax. Summer camps for children with ADHD should be about so much more than that! At Talisman, we spend so much time planning out interactive and developmentally-appropriate activities for each of our 15 programs, training our new staff members, and preparing camp for the summer. A great deal of our own time and energy is dedicated to Talisman programs- and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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There’s no denying that of all the leading summer camps for children with ADHD, Talisman Camps stands above the rest. No summer camp for children with ADHD is more passionate about or dedicated to their campers. Not only do we have children travel from all around the country travel to attend our camps, but we also offer nearly 15 different programs for children with ADHD aged 6-22. We are passionate about providing a safe, welcoming, and comfortable space for children to have a true camp experience. Our trained and outgoing staff are as excited to be able to lead as our campers every summer to attend. No matter who you ask, Talisman is one of the country’s leading summer camps for children with ADHD.

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