Summer camps provide an excellent opportunity for children to take a break from hectic academic activities and have a fun time out while at the same time learning important skills that will help them live a better life.

The choice of a summer camp, however, isn’t always easy for parents that have one or more children on autism spectrum disorder. The choice is only made harder if your child is a growing teen. As parents, you may be worried that the progress your child made in the school may be affected once the school is out.

There is however one particularly useful institute for children with ADHD that arranges healthy, and fun-filled summer camps for autistic and children with special needs every year. Talisman takes pride in its excellent and satisfactory engagement of teen-aged kids with autism in social and skill building activities during the summer break.

True that there are a number of other summer camps so why Talisman? What makes Talisman’s summer camps stand out from the rest of the crowd?

Extended School Year (ESY)

Talisman’s ESY focuses on the prevention of regression in skills during the break from school. If you think your child needs our ESY you can request the same through your child’s school district or you may bring
it up during the following IEP meeting. We will provide the ESY services during the summer break ensuring that your child is saved from regression.

Having discussed this matter at your child’s school, you may bring it up here as well if you are worried about the educational regression of your child.

Engagement and development of Social Skills

If you remain worried about your child’s inefficient performance in academic, behavioural, and social skills, Talisman is here to help you. You are not the only parent whose child faces difficulty in maintaining interaction with their friends, teachers, parents, and other people around them. You may be deeply upset that there is nothing that could help your child to understand social cues and stop feeling intimidation when they’re surrounded by other people.

Don’t lose hope. All isn’t over yet. Talisman understands how to set the teen spectrum up because
 We collaborate with skilled and seasoned professional staff with extensive knowledge and experience who are devoted to helping your teen overcome the feeling of being intimidated when around the people.

 At Talisman, we have purposely kept the staff to student ratio low compared to other camp programs. This increases the attention and focus of the staff that each student receives, resulting in the better performance and growth of the student’s social skills.

Adventure Therapy

This unique therapy helps a teen get out of their shells. During these sessions, teens have brilliant opportunities to acquire new skills and pave the way for new exciting challenges. We have taken considerable measures to ensure that the activities do not become a burden for the teens. Instead, these activities are designed to be exciting and enjoyable.