How to Apply for Semesters

How to Apply to Semesters:

  1. Fill out application on You can click here to apply now.
  2. We will call to discuss your student’s application to our semesters program for boys 12-17.
  3. $1000 deposit is required upon acceptance.
  4. You will receive a confirmation packet detailing the enrollment process.
  5. Complete online enrollment forms.
  6. First month’s tuition and paperwork are due a week before opening day.


    • All academic and activity costs (including trips)
    • Transport to and from the Greenville/Spartanburg (GSP) or Asheville (AVL) airport on opening and closing days


      • Appropriate clothing and sleeping bag (full gear list will be sent to you)
      • Specialized diets (speak with us for details)
      • Medical costs
      • Medication packaging
      • $200 canteen money


Deposits are nonrefundable once the student is accepted. Full tuition is due by one week before the start of the semester to retain the spot, and is non-refundable, as we will have reserved that spot for your student and be unable to fill it with short notice.

If a student is discharged early, there is no refund of the current month’s tuition.  If the student has paid in full, subsequent months’ tuition will be refunded.


MasterCard, Visa, Discover and cashier’s checks. No personal checks will be accepted. Credit card on file for incidentals and/or emergencies is required regardless of payment option.  Tuition is payable monthly, due by the first of the month being paid for.  A discount of 4% is given for full payment of tuition prior to the start of the semester.


As one of the most effective schools for autism, we strive to serve all boys on the autism spectrum who apply and are in need of our services.  However, certain criteria might disqualify a student from fully benefitting from our programming, or pose a danger to themselves or other campers.

        • Verbal IQ 85 and below.  [For students on the Autism Spectrum, a Full Scale I.Q. (FSIQ) is not a clear descriptor of your child’s level of cognitive ability, so please include the breakdown scores for the FSIQ. This includes the Verbal, Non-Verbal, Processing Speed and Working Memory scores.]
        • Physical aggression or self-injurious behavior
        • Drug or alcohol use/abuse
        • Conduct Disorder
        • Sexually acting out/inappropriate sexual behaviors

Functioning Level:

Language comprehensible by others and appropriate to age level. Able to participate in group activities that require conversation skills, follow verbal directions, and participate in simple discussions.

Come Visit Us:

We welcome tours by appointment.  We also hold open houses.  We love to meet prospective students and answer their questions, too.  Please contact our admissions office to arrange a visit:  828-697-6313.