Bill Gates, who is the CEO of Microsoft Inc. and a successful billionaire, has been thought by many to be suffering from Aspergers syndrome. Although there have been no formal documents attesting to this fact by either the billionaire himself or his doctors, many believe he suffers from the condition because of certain eccentricities he exhibits. One of such traits noticed with Bill Gates is his constant to-and-fro rocking, similar to people with the Aspergers. He also is not known to possess social skills, but he has great savant skills, evident in his ability to memorize very long bible passages without mistake.

Although Bill Gates may have Aspergers, he was able to turn all of this around, to establish one of the world’s greatest corporations. In his early life, Bill Gates did well enough in prep school, after which he got admission into the prestigious Harvard University, which he later dropped out of. However, his dropping out was not due to failure as many people had speculated or due to Aspergers. Rather, it was a conscious choice he made to get into the computing world while it was still in great demand. He later went ahead to found Microsoft as you know it today and the rest is history.

His success did not, however, start when he founded this business at the young age of 20. As a young man, Bill Gates, despite suffering from Aspergers, formed a club with his friends called the Lakeside Programmers Group, where they learned about programming and wrote computer programs for corporations in exchange for computer time. The beginning of Gates success started when he and his friends came up with a program, which they called Traf-o-data, to help determine the locations of traffic lights for the state of Washington.

Bill Gates, who is likely to have Asperger’s, is one man that special needs children look up to all over the world. He is hope for such people that regardless of whatever condition or difficulties they may suffer from, they can still do great things for themselves and even impact the world at large.

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