Exceptional Programming for Exceptional Students

Copy of PAGE 11 HIKETalisman Semesters is a residential academic and experiential program for middle to high school boys focusing on social skill development, academic re-engagement and independence.

Purposely designed exclusively for males ages 12 – 17 , Talisman is a small residential program built on decades of experience working with adolescents with autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. We provide a special, unique program for our wonderfully unique students.

Talisman Semesters offers a small community targeting:

  1. Academic reengagement : making learning real and practical with semester-long themes
  2. Social skill development : engagement and practice
  3. Independent living : helping students become advocates
  4. Healthy living: hygiene, eating habits, and active lifestyles

Through small experiential classes, expeditions, targeted social skill coaching, and strengthening academic tools, our students increase confidence, motivation, independence, and a positive self-awareness.  Learning opportunities are intentionally multi-sensory and designed to engage visual, aural, and kinesthetic learners.  On and off campus students practice independent living skills and engage in focused social skills groups.

Talisman strives, above all, to provide a positive and fun environment in which our students feel accepted and successful.

Contact us today at 828-697-6313 to learn more about our program and check availability.