Ages 8 - 13

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Talisman’s Foundations program is tailored for children with ADHD and similar social and learning needs. Through a combination of adventure activities, cooperative living, and guided discussions, your child will hone individual and group communication skills. While fully engaged in camp life, participants build a sense of personal responsibility.  Special emphasis is placed on focus, goal completion, and thoughtful decision-making. A small-group living experience provides campers with an emotionally and physically safe setting in which campers may practice new skills.

Personal Growth

Foundations campers are immersed in a culture of accountability while at Talisman. This allows them to escape the limitations that labels often create for children with Learning Disabilities or ADHD, and learn to take responsibility for their behaviors. This growth is facilitated through our unique group-supported problem-solving process, which has been commended by parents and professionals alike for its contribution to children's understanding of the connection between their choices and the consequences that naturally follow from those choices. Through our fun and structured summer adventures, they can experience success and initiate friendships with children who share many of the same challenges they do.


Our activities are designed to provide a fun and safe atmosphere where campers can develop increased self-esteem, trust in self and others, and the basics of good decision making. All groups participate in rock and tree climbing, whitewater inflatable kayaking, swimming, sports, archery, nature studies, and arts and crafts. We also hold a number of full-camp special events, such as Dances, Carnival, and Grand Council campfires.  A highlight of the session is a 3-day hiking and campout adventure, on which campers expand their wilderness skills by building tarp shelters, setting up a campsite, and practicing “Leave No Trace” principles.  Each hike increases in challenge, while camping out (on our property) gives opportunities to build cherished memories of fun times.