Summer camps offer one of the best experiences for teens on autism spectrum disorder. During these camps, the teens are engaged in activities that prove to be of great help in stimulating and advancing their personalities. A good summer camp for teens is one where the campers are involved in multiple healthy, and skill-building activities that have an impact of boosting the confidence of the teens and eventually develops the career-making skills in them.

Summer camps for autism are not like regular summer camps. As campers on these camps happen to be on the autism spectrum, they naturally require more attention and focus than the general population.

As a parent to an autistic child, you must be very sensitive in choosing the right camp for your teen child. Talisman’s professionally designed summer camps for kids with ADHD are here to help you with that.

With an experience expanding over 3 decades of working with children with autism and ADHD, Talisman’s summer camps for autism feature the most advanced, professional, and friendly services that boost the confidence and skills of your teen on autism spectrum disorder for a longer term.

An empathic summer camp program

As owners of summer camps for autism, we have a vast experience of working with adults, teen and children with ADHD and high-functioning autism. We consider our staff, and campers as one big family.

We share summers and make friendships and that’s why we have been doing this for over thirty years now. Our staff are incredibly passionate about what they do.

Blending different therapeutic approaches for more positive outcomes

This involves students participating in alternating adventure therapy off and on campus every week. Off-campus therapy focuses on excursions and on-campus therapy means taking an active part in talk therapy and adequate academic programming.

Emphasizing positives

At Talisman, we prefer stressing upon a positive psychology approach. You may be wondering what this approach is about? It simply means that instead of paying attention to things that keep students bothered and disturbed, our primary focus is on the strengths and preferences that they already have. The effect of this approach is the increased confidence, and creates a stress-free positive environment for students where they can focus on their abilities to only become better.

Adventure Therapy Program

For every week, students divide their time between residential treatment setting and adventure therapy. When students are participating in off-campus adventure therapy, they have the brilliant opportunity to learn new skills, and explore fresh exciting challenges.

Talisman has designed the activities to be extremely enjoyable for the students. Some of the core adventure therapy activities may include hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, whitewater rafting, etc.

Student engagement

Due to our minimum staff-to-student ratio, every teen gets the maximum individual attention of our highly qualified staff. The attention is very helpful for teens to overcome their fear and be more confident around people.