As summer holidays set in, children get relieved of stuff like teachers, books, and structures. This is that time of the year where most of the parents start looking for the suitable summer camps for their children. The most concerned parents are those who have kid(s) with ADHD astheir kids deserve the best than the rest.

Talisman, an institution devoted to kids with ADHD, has held camps for kids with ADHD for over many years now. Our summer camps are known to change the lives for better by fostering long-lasting connections between families and individuals.

Our camps for kids with ADHD aim to link individuals and families to community resources and support throughout the area we operate in. Talisman offers a range of support offerings. One of these offerings are the support meetings, online networking opportunities, films friendly to
sensors, and a range of fun family activities.

As a parent with an autistic child, we at Talisman fully understand how important could it be for you and your children to be connecting with the right people who understand how to lend proper support. You may be worried about your child making new friends; you may worry thinking what if my child acts up? The medication is another factor which may keep you concerned while you decide to send your kid to a summer camp.

Talisman’s summer camps for kids with ADHD are for children who wish to join a peer group. Our camps focus on helping those children make new friends who find it difficult to do so during normal school days. We collaborate with trained counsellors with extensive experience of working with kids with ADHD. Talisman’s counsellors encourage campers to develop firm and
positive relationships with one another.

Developing a sense of self-esteem among the campers is the core feature of Talisman’s camps for kids with ADHD. In the camp there are all sorts of fun activities for the children ranging from several recreational activities to traditional camping activities such as nature hikes, rock climbing etc. All these activities are conducted under the attentive watch of the counsellors.

Getting children engaged in life skill activities is what Talisman’s camps for kids with ADHD are well known for. Aside from personal skills, we encourage the campers into activity-based camps in order to foster a sense of team-building.

Talisman base camp is where the campers live. The campers are then given challenging outdoor adventures. Though short-term in time duration yet our camps leave a healthy, and positive impact upon the minds and bodies of the campers.

At Talisman summer camps, we also collaborate with the different specialized institution to ensure academic support to children who take longer than a few hours in each week. In addition to specific hours devoted for classes, students are also taken on trips to local attractions and sites.