Summer breaks happen every year. It is a time where children are relieved of their regular hectic school routine. Many parents, however, worry that during this break consisting of months, their children will regress as they lose touch with their normal academic and other activities.

To address such concerns of parents, many summer camps are conducted throughout Texas. These camps focus on building socialization and technical knowledge of the students so as to enable them garner success in future.

But if you are a parent to an autistic child or your child needs special attention, you would obviously want to send your child to a camp that addresses your concerns and ensures that your kid gets all that they need to cope with the general population.

Talisman is a specialised institution that has conducted summer camps for children with special needs for years now. As we have worked with extensively skilled counsellors, we, at Talisman, understand both concerns of the parents as well as the children.

One of our famous summer camps programs is called special needs summer camp Texas.

Here’s a list of features that make Talisman summer camps for kids with special needs different from other camps

Positive Approach

Talisman’s special needs summer camp Texas is renowned for deploying what is called the positive approach. Since we understand that kids with ADHD have difficulty expressing their emotions, and feelings, Talisman summer camps give them a comfortable environment where children feel at home. As our counsellors are skilled professionals, no harsh or rude method of training is ever employed.

At Talisman, we perfectly recognise that there could be behavioural challenges in kids with ADHD. Therefore, we have decided to prioritise them in all our inclusion, and expulsion protocols which ensures that no camper ever feels disheartened or discouraged.

Right Number of Staff

In our special needs summer camp Texas, the ratio of a staff member to the campers is fairly reasonable which guarantees that every child gets the attention he or she needs. We do not make our camps so crowdy where it becomes next to impossible for our staff members to be attentive to the needs of the children.
The staff-to-student ratio varies for campers depending upon their age. For younger children, we don’t exceed per staff member over 6 students.

Academic Support and Skill Building

Talisman’s special needs summer camp Texas is highly focused on stimulating the awareness of the campers. We engage children in activities that boost their confidence and enable them to take more responsible measures.

In addition to that, our special needs summer camp Texas is designed to focus on every child’s individual academic programs. Our trained staff understand the issues and regular sessions are conducted to help students cope with their academic routine.

We also engage children in social and fun activities that increase their confidence in themselves and help them build a career in the future.