Summer is here and children are finally getting few months off from the hectic school routine, expecting to get relaxed and have lots of fun with no worries about homework. It is that time of year where different summer camps are held and campers are encouraged to participate in such activities that will help develop their confidence and skills.

Things, however, are not simple for parents who have a teen autistic child. As they require special attention and more focus, regular summer camps are not sufficient for the teens on the autism spectrum disorder. If you have a teen child who you wish to send to a summer camp, there is no better choice for your kid than Talisman’s summer camps for autism.

Talisman’s camps for autism is the perfect choice if you are looking for an amazing summer camp experience for your autistic teen. Our camps for autism provide an excellent opportunity for your son or daughter to make new friends, and enjoy the most fun activities in learning, and a comfortable environment.

What makes Talisman camps for autism unique is

Environment: Talisman’s camps are designed by professionals and the environment is kept maximum friendly so as to allow the campers to be comfortable and at ease with themselves. Having worked with professionals for many years, we at Talisman understand that a friendly environment is a key to the social development and improved pragmatic communication of the teens with autism.

Trained and Qualified staff: Talisman has never compromised over the professionalism and dedication of the staff that we hire to communicate with your teens. Every member of our staff is dedicated to helping your children develop skills and be more confident than ever.

Individualized special attention to every student: In order to give our campers an effective learning experience, we have maintained a very low staff-to-student ratio. One teacher supervises a maximum of six to eight students which increases the attention that every individual camper receives from the teachers.

Multidimensional programming: This program combines multiple therapeutic techniques, which are all supported by evidence, and an assessment process which focus on helping the teen in meeting their goals, and overcome their fears.

Aside from the above-mentioned techniques and facilities, one of Talisman’s effective program is multidisciplinary assessments for students. This assessment program helps diagnose the actual problem faced by your child. Because sometimes either the problem is not identified at all or is diagnosed wrongly. Through this assessment, Talisman carefully monitors, and makes assessment of your teen based on their performance in different disciplines before coming out with a final diagnosis. We focus on the actual challenges that are faced by the student, what fears them, and once we have obtained a complete and near-accurate depiction of your child’s behavioural and emotional challenges, our skilled professionals then make an assessment or a diagnosis that might help you get better with your child.