The Bright Side of ADHD

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When your child is diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a list of worries begins running through your head. How will other parents and kids react to my child? Will my child succeed at school and land a rewarding career?

While children with ADHD certainly face challenges, it is also important to recognize and share with your child the benefits of ADHD. Here are a few examples:


A Bright Future for Children with ADHD

Because of their talents, children with ADHD often grow into accomplished photographers, artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, chefs, sports coaches and salespeople. Examples of well-known achievers and pioneers who are rumored to have had ADHD include:


Help Your ADHD Child Be Their Best

While all of these positive attributes may be stirring deep within your child, they may need to be nurtured to fully develop. Specialized ADHD summer camps can help children with ADHD learn to direct their energies in positive ways and advocate for themselves to get their needs met. With help from ADHD specialists, your child can learn to harness their talents and improve in challenge areas, while building self-esteem.

ADHD is just one part of who your child is – a part that actually can be a great advantage. Rather than dwelling  on your child’s challenges, keep sight of your child’s many strengths and you and everyone around you may begin to see them through a new lens.