Summer breaks mean a kind of liberty from the monotonous and hectic school routine. It is that time of years when children can relax and do whatever their heart desires. Parents are naturally concerned about the progress of their children as they fear that being away from school for months will adversely affect their performance. The solution to this comes in the form of summer camps.

But the choice isn’t always simple for parents who have a kid on autism spectrum disorder. Finding the right camps for kids with autism is a toiling task. But with Talisman’s professionally designed camps for kids with autism, parents of autistic children may rest assured.

There are plenty of other summer camps that all claim to provide more than satisfactory educational and skill-building environment for the autistic child. Why then should you choose Talisman over all others?

Talisman’s camps for kids with autism have certain features that put us aside from the rest of the crowd.

Maximum attention to kids on an individual basis

Children on the autism spectrum disorder require much more patience and attention than those who aren’t autistic. Talisman understands that. Therefore, we have limited our ‘staff-to-students’ ratio to a minimum which means there is at least one professional teacher for every five to six students. The lesser the number of students a teacher has to look after, the more individual attention they’re able to pay to the students.

Engagement of Students in Healthy Activities

In order to bring out kids from their shells, Talisman has designed some really fun and adventurous activities. These activities encourage kids to learn amazing new skills, and pave the way for fresh challenges. As kids get more and more engage in what we call adventure therapy, their abilities to take on real-life challenges and groom their personality continue to develop.

Encouraging Social Skills development

One of the many concerns that keep the parents of children on autism spectrum worried is the failure with their kid’s diagnosis in the past. Talisman’s camps for kids with autism can practically guarantee you to help better your child’s academic and behavioural performance. We lay special attention on developing the children’s social skills so that they are comfortable in the society instead of feeling intimidated around other people. An inability to successfully interact with parents, and teacher exists among a lot of children. Talisman’s social skills development camps for kids with autism aim to boost the confidence of your kids through professionally designed interesting social activities.

What distinguishes Talisman’s summer camps for kids with autism from other camps is that our activities are designed by professionals and the procedure we adopt are backed by strong evidence. Consequently, campers find their confidence boosted and skills built to the extent that they can easily face the world without fears.