Summer Camps for Kids with Autism

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Are you looking for a great summer experience for your child with Autism? Our camps for children with Learning Differences (LDs) provide programs specially customized for your child.  Best of all, families love their experiences!

Things to consider when exploring Summer Camps for Kids with Autism

The school year draws to a close and summer is quickly approaching.  As parents and caretakers we try to fill the summer with enriching activities while balancing classic summer fun.  Summer camp is often part of the plan for children across the country.  But for those families with children who have special needs, such as those on the Autism spectrum, choosing a summer camp can be overwhelming task.  Where does one begin?  We’ll highlight a few things below to help guide you when considering summer camps for kids with Autism.

Our camps are for everyone!

First things first, be proactive!

Summer camps fill quickly and summer camps for kids with Autism are no different!  If you’re serious about a summer program, you’ll want to get you son or daughter signed up early. This is to guarantee a spot in a specialized camp.  Unsure which program to choose?  There’s no time like the present to make a few phone calls.  Talk with program directors and visit camp sites (if at all possible).  You’ll want to get a good feel for the program offerings, staff training and philosophy, amenities available, therapeutic and/or social skills programming, and camp environment.  Overwhelmed and can’t decide where to begin?  A couple overview sites to get you started include: The Federation for Children With Special Need’s camp guide ( ) and the American Camp Association’s guide (  Talisman Camps is proudly recognized by the American Camp Association!

Benefits of summer camp for kids with Autism

Specialized summer camps for kids with Autism, like Talisman Camps, offer great benefits.  Many parents agree that the ability to meet new friends and build relationships is high on the list of things they’d like their children to experience.  For parents of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (or ASD), the ability to make new friends may mean the world as such children often struggle in social engagements.  They are usually either unable to master the keys to social situations or too anxious to try.  What if children with ASD had a supportive environment in which they did not just learn about social cues and responses, but were given numerous opportunities to practice such skills in real time, live, as they learned them?  This is one of the beautiful and amazing benefits of summer camps for kids with Autism.

First Fish of the Summer

Supportive setting for skillbuilding

Aside from the highly trained staff at summer camps for kids with Autism, children with ASD are able to build their new skills with other children who have similar learning differences.  Summer camps for kids with Autism are not mainstream camps for children of all abilities.  In these settings, a child with Autism may struggle to practice his or her skills.  This may be because of children/staff who are not aware of Autism challenges.  Mainstream peers may be impatient, lack understanding, or engage in teasing/bullying when interacting with a child with ASD.  Instead, fellow campers at summer camps for kids with Autism experience similar struggles.  This means they too are actively practicing how to put themselves in their peer’s shoes and build new friendships.  Children with ASD who attend specialized summer camps for kids with Autism often report making some of their first and best friends.  Additionally, they usually want to return year after year to continue those relationships!

Specialized camps meet specific needs

With recent estimates from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2018) showing that 1 in 59 people in North America are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – a rate which continues to climb – there is an ever-growing need for specialized camps who are able to meet the specific challenges of ASD youth as an alternative to traditional summer camps.  Summer camps for kids with Autism can address the social and behavioral deficits often associated with ASD.  Camps like Talisman provide predictable routine, schedule, therapeutic support, and foster an environment  that allows campers to learn and practice new social skills.  They also build confidence and independence!

Remarkable growth

Campers who attend summer camps for kids with Autism, such as Talisman Camps, experience the summer of a lifetime.  They engage in new outdoor adventures, disconnect from electronic devices, meet new friends and counselors, and build confidence through successful practice of new skills and responsibilities.  We offer everything from kayaking, swimming, mountain hiking, arts and crafts, to traditional campfire songs and silly, made-up games.  All under the trained eyes of our highly skilled camp staff.  Your son or daughter will thrive and we can guarantee they will be excitedly awaiting to share their camp experience with you at the conclusion of summer programs.  Yes, even if your child is typically not someone you’d describe as excited to share anything, the growth experienced at camp will be nothing short of remarkable.

Testimonials from Parents – What Parents Have to Say about our Camp

We are grateful for your hard work and patience with my child. We can notice so many amazing changes in his behavior and the way he deals with everyday situations. He is his brothers are getting along better than ever before! We definitely will visit you next year! Talisman Parent

It is so nice to know that there is a place where my child can feel comfortable. I only regret that I didn’t find your camp sooner!  -Talisman Parent

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Selfie time

We encourage you to reach out and discuss your summer goals, hopes and dreams with us today! We’d love to schedule a time for you to talk with key program staff. This will help ensure you feel comfortable with your summer camp for kids with Autism selection. We also invite you to visit Talisman Camps in our picturesque North Carolina setting, just South of Asheville, NC. If you’re interested in discussing camp experiences with former campers and their families, we are able to put you in touch with those who have completed past programs. Spots do fill quickly, as we limit our camp sizes to ensure fantastic camp to staff ratios – contact us today!

Summer Camp for Kids with Autism

Does your child have ADHD, autism or Asperger’s syndrome? Are you looking for something fun for them to do over the summer holidays, making connections with like-minded people in a nurturing, loving environment? Here at Talisman, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to embark on summer adventures, worry-free. We’re home to only the most passionate, dedicated directors who develop deep-seated bonds with your children, keeping parents in-the-loop every step of the way. Whether your child is 8 or 17, it’s our job to show them just how fun and inspiring summer can be, with delicious food, enthralling activities…and beyond! Give us a call today at 1-828-697-6313 to unlock your child’s full potential!