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Summer Camps for High Functioning Autism

High Functioning Autism camps – An Environment Where Your Child Can Grow!

Are you looking for a great summer experience for your child with High Functioning Autism? Our family approved Summer Camps for Hugh Functioning Autism provide a program specially customized for your child.

What are your child’s summer goals?

Do you want your child with High Functioning Autism to have an amazing summer experience?  Build friendships and memories to carry with him or her for years to come?  How about learn new social skills and establish a foundation that will allow him or her to successfully engage in new social interactions, even after leaving summer camp?  We welcome you to explore the world of Talisman Camps and our specialized programs for children with Learning Differences, to include Summer Camps for High Functioning Autism.  Our highly trained staff can help your son or daughter have the summer of their lifetime, and will definitely make a friend (or many) along the way!

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Loneliness in children with high functioning Autism

Bauminger et al (2003) studied the social interaction and reported loneliness in children with High Functioning Autism as compared to matched typically developing peers[i].  They found that while children with Autism had a good understanding of both loneliness and social interaction, they did not understand the link between the two, therefore they were unable to increase social engagement in an effort to minimize loneliness.  Children with Autism were less likely to engage socially with one another, but instead initiated contact with the typically developing peers more frequently.  The children with Autism engaged with peers at half the rate of the typically developing children and were more likely to report higher levels of loneliness overall. 

Summer Camps teach social skills!

It is inaccurate to say a child with Autism is not interested in peer relationships.  Children with Autism desire to have friendships and can suffer from loneliness when this desire is not met, just like anyone else.  The difference is that children with Autism do not understand social cues and “rules” of interaction.  Just like typically developing peers, children with Autism can feel left out of social groups.  However, they do not understand that their “odd” or “quirky” behavior may be contributing to their lack of social inclusion.  This is where summer camps for high functioning Autism can be a successful vehicle to provide the tools, practice, and direct experience needed to give campers with Autism greater social success – not to mention have fun!

[i] Bauminger, N., Shulman, C. & Agam, G. Peer Interaction and Loneliness in High-Functioning Children with Autism. J Autism Dev Disord 33489–507 (2003). https://doi.org/10.1023/A:1025827427901

Why Talisman Camps?

At Talisman, youth with High Functioning Autism are free to be themselves.  They are surround by similarly-abled peers who are less likely to judge them for their “oddities”.  Children with High Functioning Autism do not often get the opportunity to experience social engagements the way neurotypical children do.  They may struggle making friends, due to difficulty envisioning how others may think or feel.  Such children may feel left out of typical experiences.  They may not be asked to birthday parties, encouraged in games at recess, or included in group activities.  As a result, children with High Functioning Autism may lack confidence.  Summer camps for children with special needs, like Talisman Camps, address these core issues.  We provide a safe environment where those with similar abilities are able to engage in activities together.  Our campers create friendships through shared experiences.  Youth practice following social cues in real-life situations.

Integrated strength development

Autism Speaks identifies several strengths and challenges children with high functioning Autism may experience[i].  Strengths may include things such as persistence and attention to detail, often the result of relentlessly pursuing a narrow range of interests.  Being clumsy, inability to handle give and take of conversations, and difficulty with non-verbal cues (such as tone) are challenges.  Mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression can be common. 

Social skills training has been identified as an effective service to help minimize these challenges.  Summer camps for high functioning Autism build social skills work right into daily interactions, in a way that makes it feel seamless rather than forced.  Campers build relationships together from day one.  They overcome fears and hesitations about camp as a group, and working to rely on their bunkmates as camp “families” during their stay.  Getting outdoors and engaging in physical activities helps to not only provide confidence, but gives “clumsy” or “awkward” children direct experience in being successful in athletic endeavors.  The natural setting and disconnection from electronics helps campers successfully engage in conversations  and group activities without overstimulation.  Being with others and being out in nature are both shown to alleviate mental health symptoms. 

[i] https://www.autismspeaks.org/types-autism-what-asperger-syndrome

Testimonials from Parents – What Parents Have to Say about our Camp

We are grateful for your hard work and patience with my child. We can notice so many amazing changes in his behavior and the way he deals with everyday situations. He is his brothers are getting along better than ever before! We definitely will visit you next year! – Talisman Parent

It is so nice to know that there is a place where my child can feel comfortable. I only regret that I didn’t find your camp sooner!  -Talisman Parent

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We would love to discuss your son or daughter’s needs.  Talisman Camps can be their perfect summer camp for high functioning Autism.  We are confident our over 40 years of providing stellar summers for families will ensure your child has an amazing time, rich in personal growth.  Contact us today as our limited spots fill quickly!

Summer Camps for High Functioning Autism

Does your child have ADHD, autism or Asperger’s syndrome? Are you looking for something fun for them to do over the summer holidays, making connections with like-minded people in a nurturing, loving environment? Here at Talisman, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to embark on summer adventures, worry-free. We’re home to only the most passionate, dedicated directors who develop deep-seated bonds with your children, keeping parents in-the-loop every step of the way. Whether your child is 8 or 17, it’s our job to show them just how fun and inspiring summer can be, with delicious food, enthralling activities…and beyond! Give us a call today at 855-588-8254 to unlock your child’s full potential!