Autism Summer Camp Iowa

Specialized Autism Summer Camp Iowa Teens Choose

An Educational Autism Summer Camp Iowa Boys and Girls love

Are you excited about the upcoming summer? Consider visiting our Autism summer camp Iowa families love. We are specialized for boys and girls diagnosed with high-functioning Autism!

Specialized Autism Summer Camp Iowa Teens Choose

Our summer camp is the perfect place for your boy or girl diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder. Why?

Because here, we are all the same. We are just like you. We all want to have as much fun as possible, learn new things, play games, and meet new friends. We divide campers into groups with other children or young adults of their age with similar needs and interest so they can socialize and communicate easier. According to our experience, this is the best friendship-building formula.

At our specialized Autism summer camp Iowa families love, we organize two types of activities – campus-based and adventure-based activities.

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    Campus-Based Activities – The campus-based activities are organized inside the camp in the morning and in the afternoon. Campers participate in traditional camp activities and learn new interesting things. For instance, during the Science activity, we learn how to make delicious ice cream from scratch. Also, we organize theme events such as dances and carnivals. Before and after the activities, the staff makes sure campers have fun and express themselves in a positive way. Each and every camp activity is highly structured and supervised by our staff members.

  • Adventure-Based Activities – The adventure-based activities are organized outside the camp. Each activity has a unique focus, whether it is rock climbing, canoeing, or backpacking. Our educational Autism summer camp Iowa gives the campers an opportunity to experience summer adventure and learn new exciting skills. Campers can improve their communication, social, and wilderness skills at the same time. We provide instructions on how to set up traps, how to read maps, raw canoes and lots of other tasks before the groups divide so that each child knows what to expect and what he or she should do. When the campers return to the camp, we all celebrate the day with pizza, movies and lots of fun.

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If you like our camp programs please sign up to one of our programs. If you like, you can schedule an appointment and visit our camp and meet our staff members!

We can’t wait to meet you and create happy memories together! Our summer camp is waiting for you!

Let’s make this summer unforgettable!

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