Autism Summer Camp Connecticut

One Day at Our Autism Summer Camp Connecticut Families Choose

Discover how a typical day at our Autism summer camp Connecticut kids love goes and why we are a number one choice among parents!

Our Autism Summer Camp Connecticut Parents love!

Our camp welcomes children, teens, and young adults from age 6 to age 22 diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorder. Our camp is a perfect place for your child to get the support he or she needs and encouragement to get out of their comfort zone and hand out with other children their age.

We offer a wide variety of programs, according to camper’s age, needs, and interests. Regardless of the program, you are going to choose, we can offer your child the best summer ever, filled with fun, friends, and happiness.

One Day at Our Camp

Autism Summer Camp ConnecticutEvery single day at our summer camp is filled with different in-camp and off-camp activities, games, and events. Our daily routine begins with a morning routine which includes personal hygiene and cleaning the cabin. After we are done, we discuss the goals and schedule for the day. By discussing the activities together, the campers feel less anxious and more motivated for success.

Before the activities, we have a healthy breakfast, prepared with the camper’s special nutritional needs in mind. Once we are done with the breakfast we divided into groups and start with the activities. We offer two types of camp experience – in-camp or campus-based experience and off-camp or adventure-based experience.

Whether campers spend the day in camp or out camp, everyone enjoys delicious dinner and a group meeting after the activities. During the dinner, we discuss our day, what we have learned, funny moments that happen, and etc. After dinner, we have time to do few more activities before our evening group and nighttime routine.

During the evening group, we motivate campers to talk about how successful they were at accomplishing the daily goals. It gives campers a boost of positive energy and a necessary reflection on all the great things that happened that day.

After our group meeting, we go through our bedtime routine and prepare for another day at our camp.

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Our autism summer camp Connecticut Teens choose is an excellent place for your child to meet new friends, try and learn new things, and create memories. Sign up your child now and allow him or her to experience the best summer camp adventure! We are waiting for you!

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