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Our Autism Summer Camp California Families Choose

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Do you want your child to have the best summer of their life? Check our Autism summer camp California kids love!

Our Autism Summer Camp California Families Choose

Young boys and girls diagnosed with high-functioning autism have many camp programs to choose from at our camp.

We are specialized in providing a calm and nurturing environment where children with autism spectrum disorder can get out of their comfort zones, relax, and socialize with other children of their age. Our amazing staff spend a significant period of time with the campers discussing different topics, playing games, learning new things, and most importantly having fun. Each and every member of our staff is experienced and trained to meet camper’s needs, understand their challenges, and offer the best solution in every type of a situation.

The youngest campers, from age 6 to 7 spend five days and nights at our autism summer camp California kids choose where they are being introduced to our traditional camp model in the Discovery program. Another group or the campers from age 8 to 13 can experience a classic camp adventure in the Sight program. The teenager group or children from age 14 to 17 can choose between the Insight and the Teen Programs which are specially designed for teenagers with an autism spectrum disorder( ASD). Our last group is adults from age 18 to 22 and the Young adult program is an ideal camp program which can help campers develop social and communication skills as well as other life skills.

We made it!

Our programs are created with one thing in mind – to provide new interesting and positive camp experiences and educating campers about the importance of social integration skills which can help them meet new friends and build friendships for a lifetime.

Autism Summer Camp California Families Love– List of Camp Programs

  • Discovery: Ages 6–7
  • Sight: Ages 8-13
  • Insight: Ages 14-17
  • Quest: Ages 13-17
  • Hook and Tackle: Ages 13-17
  • Tri-Adventures: Ages 14-17
  • Caves & Climbing: Ages 14-17
  • Leadership: Ages 16-22
  • Krewe: Ages 16-22
  • Young Adult Program: Ages 18-22

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Every year our programs are filling very quickly. Make sure to sign up your child to one of our programs and provide an unforgettable summer experience and an opportunity your child to meet new friends.

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