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Come and Visit Our Autism Camp Washington Teens Love: Experience the Best Summer Camp Experience for Kids on the Spectrum

If you want your child to have the best time of their life – come and visit our educational Autism camp Washington Families Trust! We are an ideal place  where your child can learn, grow, and develop in a safe nurturing environment.

What is Talisman? 

We are a specialized camp for children, teens, and young adults from age 6 to age 22 who are diagnosed with Autism, Aspergers, and ADHD. Our camp is a calm and friendly place where boys and girls can overcome their difficulties in communication, socialization, and learning.

Our educational Autism camp Washington teens love provides a variety of activities, games, and events, through which campers learn how to communicate easier, speak for themselves, learn how to behave and tolerate other people, learn how to work as a team in order to achieve a specific goal, learn how to concentrate on what’s important, how to be more kind and thoughtful to one another, and etc.

In other words, we teach campers on everything they should know through exciting games and activities! We learn and have fun at the same time!

One Day at Our Autism Camp Washington Teens Love

Great memories

Great memories

In order to ensure we are the best fit for your child, take a look at how a typical day at our camp goes.

Each day at our camp is different. We concentrate on discovering activities and games that our campers enjoy. Usually, our day starts with a morning routine, followed by taking care of the personal hygiene and cleaning of the cabin. After we are done with the morning routine we head out to start our activities for the day. Once we are done with the activities, we go back to the camp and enjoy a delicious lunch. After lunch, we continue with activities. During the day we discuss what we’ve learned, how we’ve accomplished a certain task, tell jokes, or resolve any problems that may come up.

Once we are done with the activities, we enjoy dinner where we share our favorite moments of the day. After dinner, we have our own nighttime routine and prepare for bed!

Join Us This Summer!

We are based in Western North Carolina and have had families from all over the country for over 40 years!

We can ensure you that at our Autism camp Washington Families Choose, your child will experience the best summertime of their life!

Come and visit us! We are waiting for you!

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