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Short Introduction about Our Camp

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Get all of the information you need to know about our educational Autism camp South Dakota Teens Love! Discover why we are preferred choice among children and parents!

Short Introduction about Our Camp

We are a leading summer camp for boys and girls ages 6-22 diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder, Aspergers syndrome or ADHD. Our camp is an ideal environment where your child can overcome challenges related to communication, socialization, behavior, and learning.


Through the various activities, games, and events we organize! Each and every activity, game or event is customized to help campers overcome their difficulties and motivate them to hang out, meet new friends, communicate, and enjoy their summer!

So, are you ready to create new summer adventures?

The Activities & Programs at Our Educational Autism Camp South Dakota Families Trust

We are more than just a traditional summer camp. This is the reason why children and parents prefer us over other summer camps.

We know how to make things fun and interesting while learning important life lessons at the same time.  

The Activities:

At our camp, there are 2 types of activities:

  • In-Camp Activities: Tree climbing, arts & craft, gaga, science, pond games, blacktop games, field games, pool, quidditch, tie-dye, slip and slide, canoeing, archery, campus-wide special events, and etc.
  • Off-Camp Activities: Hiking, tubing, kayaking, horseback riding, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, zipline, and etc.

The Camp Programs

Our camp programs are customized according to camper’s age, needs, and interests. Here are few of the camp programs we offer:

  • Discovery Program is specially created for children ages 6 – 7.
  • Sight Program is specially created for young campers ages 8 – 13 with Autism disorder, including Autism level 1.
  • Insight Program is specially created for teens ages 14 – 17 with high-functioning Autism disorder.
  • Adventure Program is specially designed for teens ages 14 – 17. It contains a few program models: Quest, Hook and Tackle, Tri-Adventures, and Caves & Climbing.
  • Leadership Program is specially designed for teens ages 14 – 17 who have completed the Adventure Program, Insight Program, or Young Adult Session.
  • Krewe Program is created for returning young adults ages 16 – 22 and for campers who have completed the Leadership Program.
  • Young Adult Program is created for campers ages 18 – 22.

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If you like our activities and our camp programs and you think they are suitable for your aSD boy and girl, get in touch with us to reserve a space at our camp!

Contact us for more information! Our specialized ASD camp is waiting for you!

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