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If you are looking for the best summer camp for your son or daughter with ASD, look no further as you have come to the right place!

The Leading Autism Camp Oklahoma Families Choose: Have the Best Summer Ever at Our Program

If you want the best for your son or daughter bring them to our Autism camp Oklahoma parents trust! This is an ideal environment where your child can learn, meet new friends, and experience the best summer camp experience.

About Our Autism Camp Oklahoma Teens Love

If you are looking for the best summer camp for your son or daughter with ASD, look no further as you have come to the right place!

Based in North Carolina, our camp is a special place for ASD children of all ages. We provide a calm and nurturing environment where children can get out of their comfort zones and have enough support and motivation to overcome their difficulties in learning, communicating and socializing.

We are all the same here. We are all unique and we support all of our campers in unique ways. That gives children additional encouragement to start communicating with other children their age, start speaking for themselves or simply start behaving more calmly in a normal environment. In other words, our specialized Autism camp Oklahoma families choose can positively affect your child’s life!

Through important life lessons, academic tips, exciting games, and creative activities we teach children that new experiences and summer camp can be amazing.

A Day at Our Camp

Camp fun

The truth is that there are many summer camps, but we can ensure you that we are the best one for your ASD child, teen, or young adult. 

Each day at the camp is different and that is one of the many reasons why children have fun here. We always focus on finding activities or games that children of all ages will find interesting.

Our typical day begins with a morning routine, meaning we clean the cabin and take care of our personal hygiene. After we are done, we all enjoy delicious breakfast. Then, we head out and begin with our schedule for the day, meaning we divide into groups and start with the activities. Once we complete the activities, we go back to the camp where we have lunch. After we are all done, we continue with other activities. During the whole day, we are in active communication, we discuss what we have accomplished, what we have learned, we resolve problems, and we tell jokes.

After completing all the activities, we enjoy dinner. After dinner, it is time for our nighttime routine! In 21:30 sharp it is time for bed!


If you like our camp, our camp programs, and how one day at the camp goes, sign up your child to one of our programs!

Our specialized Autism camp Oklahoma teens love is waiting for you!

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