Autism Camp Maine Teens Love!

Educational Autism Camp Maine Teens Love – A Specialized Place for Children, Teens, Young Adults with Autism Disorder

Looking for a summer camp? Look no further and come and visit our specialized Autism camp Maine Teens Love – an ideal place for boys and girls from age 6-22 diagnosed with Autism disorder!

About Our Educational Autism Camp Maine Teens Love

Our summer camp is a specialized place for children, teens, and young adults diagnosed with Autism disorder. The mission of our camp is to help children experience the best summertime of their life through learning, playing various games, and meeting new friends.

These 3 factors are important to get out your child from their comfort zone and give them the motivation they need to start improving communication and social skills.

The way we do things at our camp has proven to have a huge positive effect on children’s life. We believe that every child should have summer memories filled with laughter, happiness, and fun!

If you want your child to experience the best summer of their life  – come and visit our specialized Autism camp Maine kids love!

The Groups & Activities at Our Camp


Parents and children love us because of the fun and creative activities we organize here at the camp. We organize two types of camp activities: Campus-based activities and Adventure-based activities. Some of the campus-based activities are tree climbing, science, pool, archery, tie-dye, field games, blacktop games, pond games, and etc. and they are organized inside our camp. The adventure-based activities are more adventurous such as rock climbing, hiking, whitewater rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, and etc. They are organized outside our camp.

At our educational Autism camp we divide campers into 3 groups – Pre-Teen, Teen, and Young Adult. The groups are based on campers’ age of course.

  • Pre-Teen: This group is designed for campers ages 8 – 13. We organize creative and exciting games, activities, and events and we have lots of fun.
  • Teen: This group is designed for boys and girls ages 14 – 17.  The group includes a wide variety of engaging, unique, and creative activities for every camper.
  • Young Adult – This group is designed for young adults ages 18 – 22. The group includes fun and adventures while developing leadership, life skills, and independence at the same time.

Come and Visit the Camp

We ensure you that your child will have a great time here! Surrounded by professional care, fun games, and new friends!

Schedule an appointment, and come and visit our camp! Ensure we are the right place for your child!


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