A Day at Our Specialized Autism Camp Georgia Teens Choose

A Day at Our Specialized Autism Camp Georgia Teens Choose

Looking for a summer camp for your child with Autism disorder? Look no further as our specialized Autism camp Georgia families love is all you need! Discover how a day at our camp goes and ensure we are the perfect camp for your child!

A day in the life at Talisman Camps

We start our day with a typical morning routine. Every morning, campers take care of their personal hygiene as well as the hygiene of the cabin. Once, the morning routine is done, we organize a quick morning group where we discuss the schedule and set goals for the day.

After the morning group, we enjoy a healthy breakfast, specially prepared with the campers’ unique nutritional needs in mind. After breakfast, we split into two groups. The first group stays on the camp and the other group goes off camp. The difference between the groups is the activities we organize. However, our kids have fun regardless of whether they are in camp or out of camp.

Great hike

Great hike

After we are done with the morning activities, we have a group meeting where we address any problems or concerns that come up during the day. Once the meeting is over, we all enjoy a delicious lunch.

After lunch, we continue with the activities. Each day at our camp is different. We want all campers to experience a real camping adventure where they can learn new things and develop their social skills.

In the afternoon, we have another group meeting where all campers share something they are proud of from the day, something they are positive about from the day, and something new that they have learned that day. After the meeting, we enjoy dinner where we share all the interesting things that happen that day.

In the evenings, we go through a nighttime routine and get a good night’s sleep.  

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Each day at our specialized Autism camp Georgia is a new adventure. We have fun, we motivate campers to get out of their comfort zone, work as a team in order to complete their daily tasks, and socialize with other campers of their age.

Our Autism Camp Georgia Teens choose is an ideal place for your child with high-functioning Autism. You are welcome to come and visit us so you can ensure as well!

Contact us via phone or e-mail to schedule an appointment! We are waiting for you!

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