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Fun, Friendship and Memories to Last a Lifetime

I literally shouted with joy on Sunday morning when I saw the picture of Zack with his arm around another camper in the cafeteria. He looks so happy!!! In photos of him from Scout camp, he never looked as happy as he does with y’all. I am so grateful that we found Talisman. You are an answer to prayers and are going to change his life in so many ways. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep those photos coming – I get happy tears every time I see his smile.
– Parent

Once again, thank you, and God bless you all for what you are bringing to our son.
– Parent

“I feel more confident when I go home because I have learned new skills and made new friends.”
– Erin, camper

We are enjoying the photos! Just a quick THANK YOU for your posting so many! It’s been so comforting to see that your ‘family’ is taking good care of your campers. And, the counselors have been doing a great job protecting our ‘sensitive’ camper against sunburn. He looks nice and happy!
– Parent

He is having so much fun and doing things he has never done before. Looking at the pictures each day has been wonderful and I am so thankful that we choose Talisman. Thank you for providing him with such an amazing experience!
– Parent

Being the parent of a child like Sam (as you know) is a constant emotional roller coaster. Thank you for giving him this experience to grow and learn and have a healthy separation from us. I am so hopeful that camp will become a regular thing for him.
– Parent

You have no idea how much this camp means to our entire family. He has very little access to other Autistic peers, and I can just see in his face how happy, comfortable and at peace he is at Talisman.
– Parent

Cecilia absolutely loved Camp Talisman and wants to return next year. The end of camp summary was terrifically helpful to me and to her psychologist. It appears that she made quite a bit of progress toward the goals that we set. Many thanks to you and your staff!
– Parent

Thanks for the info and for being a big part of (our son’s) VERY positive camp experience! We really appreciate it!!!
– Parent

He once again had a great time!! Thank you for all that you do!!!
– Parent

Did I actually see my son playing ball?? He looks way more relaxed. Thanks.
– Parent
On behalf of (my wife) and myself, we deeply appreciate all that you and the team do for these kids. Since we are way beyond that period of our lives where we might be in a position to share in the work that you do, we do have some understanding
because (my wife) was first a camper and then a camp counselor for years so we can say that at a certain level we understand the commitment your work takes.
– Parents

“His letter home to us said it all when he wrote, ‘I am having the time of my life!’ We were thrilled!”
– Parent

I have seen a huge difference as far as personal responsibility. He is much calmer and his social skills seem much better.
You need to take the chance, because it makes a huge difference and it gives parents some time to be a couple again as well.”
– Melanie Hartfield, Parent

“I’m writing to say, ‘Thank you,’ for giving my son such a wonderful experience. He had the time of his life. More importantly, however, he came home with new skills and new friends. The day after we brought him home from camp, he was sitting in group (at our coffee table) with appropriate body language, LISTENING to the issue at hand. I’m emphasizing listening because my Aspie son, who before camp, never maintained eye contact or used non verbal cues to show he was paying attention, was looking at us and nodding to show he understood, and NOT INTERRUPTING. We are very encouraged by this and plan to continue using the group process between now and next year when he goes back to Talisman for camp!”
– Parent of a Talisman Sight Camper

“I was more nervous than she was. She LOVED Talisman camp! I wish I had found Talisman sooner.  We will be back next year.”
– Parent of a Foundations Camper

“My son began there two summers ago in the Foundations program when he was nine years old. We signed him up for one session at first. We went to pick him up and he kept telling me ‘this camp the kids are like me and the counselors understand me.’ As we headed toward the airport about 45 minutes later he said, ‘can I still go back this summer for another session? I don’t want to have to wait a whole year before I go back.’ We turned around, and the camp said they had a spot for him and he stayed for a second session.”
– Parent of a Foundations Camper

I learned that I can tell the truth and that people don’t have to control me … And, that I can be respectful of my parents and obey them.”
– Foundations Camper

My husband and I feel that without Talisman Camps, Doug would not be the incredibly confident and secure young man that he has become. Knowing other children with Aspergers, understanding that he is not odd, but special (maybe eccentric at times) and knowing he can accomplish the many goals he sets for himself, Talisman has shaped him into a wonderful son and a joy to be around.”

“Just a note of profound thanks to you and the staff of camp for making such a positive impact on my son … he saw his therapist this week, who remarked afterward that he was like a different person – more mature, self aware … she said she had never seen any therapeutic summer camp program benefit any of her patients so dramatically.”
– Parent

“Yes. You do a wonderful job of helping campers learn to get along and to see their issues and to verbalize them. The three-week session let us back home see who our other kids are without the interaction of our most attention-requiring child. And because we got a break from him, he got to see how much we miss him when he isn’t around.”
– Parent

Talisman helped make me a much better person because they taught me how to tolerate other people.”
– Stephen, camper

I have watched her confidence grow every single year she has been through Talisman’s autism & ADHD summer camp program. It’s so nice to know that she has a place where she feels so comfortable. I can truly see it each year when we arrive here and she steps out of that car she is a different person. I have one big regret … that we didn’t find it sooner. And that’s the truth.”
– Linda Rittenhouse, parent

 “I learned to communicate better and socialize.”

“Thank you for all of your hard work and patience with Chase. I see so many wonderful changes in his demeanor and the way he approaches situations. He and his brothers are getting along really well, and he is really stopping to think about how they feel in certain situations. He has told me so many fun stories, and I think you will see him back next year!”
– Parent

“He communicates differently now. He’s more confident in trying new things, better capable of handling stressful situations.”

“My son seems to be a more confident in who he is and seems to be able to communicate with others with more ease.”

“My son states that it is the best camp that he has ever been to. He has been going to summer camps for many years now. That’s all that really matters.”
– Parent

If you are a camper, staff,or family member of a Talisman autism & ADHD summer camp camper and would like to contribute a Talisman Camp review to this page, please contact our Admissions Director.