ADHD and Autism Resources for Parents



The Bright Side of ADHD
When your child is diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a list of worries begins to run through your head. How will other parents and kids react to my child? Will my child succeed at school and land a rewarding career? Click here to read more…

Are ADHD Students More Likely to Bully, be Bullied?
In the wake of a number of suicides by adolescents and teenagers, newspapers and online news sites have invested significant space in recent weeks to address the devastating impact of bullying on struggling young people. Click here to read more…

Who Are the Camp Counselors Working with My Child? 
Parents usually have mixed emotions when they send their child with ADHD
(ADHD) or Asperger’s Syndrome to summer camp. They wonder, “Will my child be safe?”
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