Are there “Austim summer camps near me”?

We get this question ALL YEAR LONG!!!! “Ok Google, are there any Autism summer camps near me?” We are situated in North Carolina maybe you are close, maybe we are far but we work with families from all over the place! We provide a traditional summer camp experience for children diagnosed with Autism.  Parents start their search for a summer camp any day of the year and immediately try to find an in town option. That can be great for some kids but the experience of being away from home is great for Aspys. 

Where do Talisman Campers come from? 

At Talisman our campers come from all over the country and sometimes the world to create experiences that last a lifetime. Joining us this summer starts with just a quick call. There are loads of new and exciting activities that await your child. We help kids push their comfort zone, create lasting friendships, and build confidence to come home and be successful in anything they find interesting. 

Why should you choose Talisman?

For decades we have been the go to summer camp for kids with Autism. We consistently get 5 star ratings for the work that we do (Checkout our Facebook page to see what parents say!). It is our passion to run one of the leading summer camps for ASD and it shows. Our staff a amazing and highly qualified. From educators choosing to spend their summer break with us, to college students getting their degrees in related fields we get the cream of the crop. Our location is AMAZING and one of the top summer destinations for kids from all over. North Carolina in the summer combines great weather, amazing waterfalls, gorgeous scenery, all your child’s new friends, and fireflies! Does looking for “Autism Summer camps near me” give you all of the options we can? 

Autism summer camps near me can be an awesome option but contact us today to learn more about us and the lifelong memories your child will create.  

Contact us to learn more and join us this summer, 828-697-6313