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Are you looking for a summer program for your child or teen? Look no further and check our Aspergers summer camp Illinois families choose.

Why Summer Camp?

Aspergers Summer Camp IllinoisEvery child deserves to have unforgettable summer and summer camp are the perfect way to create unforgettable summer memories.

Summer camp should be a place where children get to be comfortable and be themselves while trying out new experiences and making friends. Children with Aspergers can find all this and plus have a fun time at our camp with a friendly and safe environment and highly skilled staff.

Why Aspergers Summer Camp Illinois

Our camp welcomes all campers who would gain advantages from small-group settings as well as social skills support. We offer 3 programs, for a child, teen, and young adult. Regardless of the program, you are going to select, Aspergers summer camp Illinois can provide the best summertime filled with new friendships and happiness.

Most of our staff are college students or students who recently graduated. All of them are specialized in a certain field to support boys and girls with ASD including psychology, outdoor leadership, and etc.

The program director, John Bates has worked with children with Aspergers syndrome and has years of experience in this area. His work includes independent living skills, experimental education, leadership development, recreational instruction, and team-building. His work helps your child enhance their communication and social skills and be successful in any environment. One of the reasons we are the Aspergers Summer Camp Illinois families choose is because of the high caliber staff we hire.

A Day in the Life at Talisman Camps

Every single day at our camp is filled with various on-campus and off-campus activities. All the activities are created to motivate the campers to learn easier.

The daily routine starts with building a list of tasks that have to be completed during the day. Usually, we discuss the schedule for the day in the morning and also we set goals that have to be accomplished at the end of the day. By discussing everything, campers process what needs to be done, and they concentrate on the tasks without pressure.

The day officially starts with having a healthy breakfast. After the breakfast, we start with activities. Our camp provides camp-based and adventure-based activities. Before the end of the day, we get together for another quick group meeting and after dinner, we perform one more group activity before going to bed.

The group meetings are extremely helpful because we can hear the experiences and comments from all the campers and motivate them through positive reinforcement about how successful campers were at finishing their daily tasks. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight strengths and to encourage our campers to continue with the great work. We laugh and we learn at the same time!

How we Communicate

We understand how important communication with your child is. That is why we offer a few ways to keep you in touch with your child.  We send emails once in a week and share the general experiences of your child, we post pictures, we encourage our campers to write letters, and if you want to speak to someone at the camp you can call 24 hours a day. We are the leading Aspergers summer camp Illinois choose and are always available to speak to our families.

The Importance of our Testimonials

Our family testimonials help us to know what we are doing well and what our families find most important. Please take a minute and read more here>> 

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