There’s nothing that teens look forward to more than summer break. Summer break is a time with no homework, no responsibilities, and no stress! However, it’s not always seen that way by children with Aspergers. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) thrive on routine, structure, and familiarity. Typically, children with Aspergers don’t do well with change. However, as teens with ASD get older, they are more inclined to want to experience a trip on their own. There are many options for Aspergers teens summer trips, including ASD summer camp. Here are the top three Aspergers teens summer trips:

Family vacation

Who doesn’t love going on vacations? Unfortunately, many families of children with Aspergers aren’t quite sure how to plan a vacation around their children’s needs. Oftentimes, parents don’t even know where to start planning. However, there are some travel companies that specialize in planning family vacations for children with ASD and Aspergers. Whether your teen wants to stay in their home state for vacation or travel further, companies like this can help.

Aspergers teens summer trips

ASD summer camp is one of the most rewarding Aspergers teens summer trips. At Talisman Camps, many of our campers come from outside of North Carolina. We are proud to say that there are children, teens, and young adults that travel from all around the country to be a part of our programs- including teenagers with Asperger’s. Whether your teen drives or flies in to a Talisman program, we guarantee you that they’ll enjoy the experience of visiting somewhere new. The best thing about ASD summer camp is that you get to have a travel experience, learning experience, and fun trip all in one!

Overseas trip

For many teens with Aspergers, an overseas trip feels like a dream. However, it can become a reality with the help of special needs travel tour companies. Much like ASD summer camp, these tour companies create overseas programs specially designed for teens with special needs like autism, Aspergers, and ADHD. Furthermore, these tour companies only work with teens with special needs, which means that your child can have many opportunities to make new friends.

Whether your child wants to attend a stress-free family vacation, an extravagant overseas trip with accommodations made for their specific needs, or an overnight ASD summer camp like Talisman, it’s all possible! Just because your teen has Aspergers doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy their summer like their peers. These days, there are more and more ASD travel companies and ASD summer camp options so that your teen can feel included. If your teen wants to take a trip on their own- but doesn’t want to go too far from home- then why not send them to ASD summer camp Talisman Camps? We have several programs for teens with Aspergers, including those designed around boating, fishing, and the typical camping experience. They can have an adventure right in their own backyard!