Aspergers Camp Mississippi Parents Choose

The Camp Programs, Activities, and Exercises at Our Exceptional Asperger’s Camp Mississippi Parents Choose 

Our exceptional Asperger’s camp Mississippi kids love offers unique camp programs, activities and exercises for boys and girls diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome! We are an ideal environment where your child can grow, develop new skills, and enjoy unforgettable adventures!

Introduction to Our Camp – Who Are We?

We are a camp for young people diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, and Autism disorder.

At our camp, we help campers overcome their difficulties in socialization and communication, learn new things, help campers stay calmer and more patient, hang out, play games, achieve goals, and have fun at the same time!

The camp programs at our exceptional Asperger’s camp Mississippi families choose are customized in order to meet the needs, ages, and interests of the campers. The fun and exciting activities help campers get out of their comfort zone and enjoy unforgettable camping adventures with children of their age!

The Programs & Activities at Our Asperger’s Camp Mississippi Teens Love

Here are some of our camp programs:

  • Discovery Program – This program is for campers ages 6 – 7 and focuses on enhancing essential basic skills in communication.  
  • Sight Program – This program is for campers ages 8 – 13 and through this program, we focus on helping adolescents work on their independence, behaviors, and communication skills.  
  • Insight Program – This program is for teens ages 14 – 17 and teaches young people how to work as a team.
  • Adventure Program – This program is for teens ages 14 – 17 and includes 4 different program models: Quest, Hook and Tackle, Tri-Adventures, and Caves & Climbing.
  • Leadership Program – This program is for teens ages 14 – 17 and includes a trip into the wilderness.
  • Krewe Program – This program is for campers ages 16 – 22 and focuses on enhancing the life skills and campers’ abilities.
  • Young Adult Program – This program is for young adults ages 18 – 22.

Some of the activities at our camp are science, rock climbing, hiking, tree-climbing, pool, horseback riding, archery, field games, etc. We divide campers into 2 groups – in-camp group and off-camp group. Both groups are supervised by our professional counselors and mentors. They ensure campers are safe and sound 24/7.

So, if you want the best treatment for your child – send an application today! We are waiting to hear from you!


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