Aspergers Camp Georgia

Put a smile on your child’s face this summer, our Aspergers camp Georgia is all you need!

About Our Camp – The Program & Camp Activities

Aspergers Camp Georgia

Lifetime memories

Let’s face it recreational activities are what make one camp special. We are happy to inform you that our programs are customized according to camper’s needs, interests, skills, and ages. Each and every program is designed with one thing in mind – to assist your child in getting out of their comfort zone, to relax and embrace their summer experience.

Our Aspergers camp Georgia families love has a calm, supportive, and comfortable environment. We believe that this type of environment really helps children to feel at home and communicate better with staff and with other children from the group as well. From our experience this is the best way to approach the summer. From a caring and supportive position your son or daughter will really work on their social skills and develop friendships that will last not only during camp but long after camp ends.

  • The first thing that differentiates our camp is our camper-focused activities for children with Aspergers syndrome. These activities motivate campers to learn important lessons while enjoying their summer. Our camp activities include arts & crafts, tree climbing, science, pool, blacktop games, pond games, tie-dye, archery, slip and slide, campus special events, rock climbing, canoeing, horseback riding, hiking, whitewater rafting, and kayaking.
  • The second thing that differentiates our Aspergers camp Georgia families choose is our deep understanding between you and your child. We understand what it means for a parent to be away from their child. That is why we do everything we can to work with you to be consistently informed about what your child does. We accomplish this in a few different ways, if you wish we can update you via phone call and update you on their child’s experience at the camp, we send weekly emails with more general information about the interesting events and activities we organize, we motivate the campers to write personal letters to you at least once a week and share their experience at the Talisman. Also, we have a call in line available 24/7 so you can call or e-mail at any time.

How Qualified is Our Staff

The staff at our Aspergers camp Georgia families choose includes mostly college students or students that recently graduated either studying to work with special needs students, or working within the field(like teachers). Their experience and passion towards working with kids who have Aspergers is what brought them to Talisman Camps. 

All of our leadership team has had years and years of experience with working with Children with Aspergers syndrome and knowledge to handle every situation. 

One of our staff, Ashton Lunsford has been with us for 2 years. As a member of our staff and a mentor to our students we must say that we are happy to welcome her back each year. She adds a special energy to Talisman. Ashton’s vision is to make a difference at Talismanc and create unique summer memories for every camper. The staff at our Aspergers camp Georgia families love is one of our keys to success.  During Ashton’s free time, she loves listening to music, reading books, and spending time outdoors! 

Why Choose Us

The best way to demonstrate the positive effect our program has had on families is to share what some of them have to say about our program:

  • According to my son, this is the best summer camp he has even been to, and he has been to many for sure. We definitely are going to visit again! – Talisman Parent
  • I learned so much at this camp and not only how to respect myself but about the importance of respecting and obeying my parents as well – Talisman Camper

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This is all you need! This is why you need to choose our Aspergers camp Georgia. We can make a difference in your child’s life! Allow us to help your child create the best memories of their life this summer!

Aspergers Camp Georgia: Atlanta, Savannah, Columbus, Augusta, Athens

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