Aspergers Summer Camp

There are many options for families who are looking for a summer program for kids. These camps can help kids develop many different skills from traditional team sports, adventure sports, and all offer a camp experience.  These camp settings can be really difficult for a child on the spectrum. An Aspergers summer camp is an amazing option for many families.

Why parent’s with children who have Aspergers choose us:

  • We only have campers, boys and girls, with Aspergers
  • We have helped families for over 20 years
  • Our staff are trained specifically to work with kids on the spectrum


Talisman has been a thought leader within the industry as an Aspergers summer camp since day one, click below for an interview with our owner Linda Tatsapaugh:
“How Boys with Autism Learn” Interview with Linda Tatsapaugh

Every activity at Talisman’s camp for ADHD and autism spectrum kids is designed for fun, as well as hands-on learning.  See what a day in the life is like at Talisman Camps>>

If you are just finding us today you may have a lot of questions, that is great! To learn more about what parents frequently want to know about take a look at our FAQs page here>>

If you are looking for an Aspergers summer camp, and you are interested in Talisman Camps please call us today at  828.697.6313.

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