Program Overview

Talisman Camps offers a wide variety of Autism, ADHD and Aspergers summer camps for both girls and boys of all ages. And when we say “all ages”, we really back that up! Current programs include youth on the Autism Spectrum from age 6 up through 22! Looking for an Aspergers summer camp for your son, daughter, friend or relative? Our camps are sure to have something to meet your child’s (or children’s) interests, offering both outdoor adventure curriculum as well as traditional camp experiences (plays, s’mores, and campfire songs, to name a few). We provide leadership opportunities, social skill-building, and enhance personal accountability while fostering increased independence and self-esteem.

Aspergers Camp for years to come

Many of our campers return year after year to Talisman Camps because of the incredible experience and lifelong friendships they form during their stay.  You may find it hard to believe that your child, who may be lacking in friendships currently, or who prefers to spend time engaged with electronics, could enjoy his or her camp experience.  Trust us when we say that your child WILL make new friends, feel supported by our highly-trained program staff, and successfully leave their devices behind for the duration of their stay! You don’t have to take our word alone; we invite you to check out our extensive online reviews, visit the program for yourself, and we’d be happy to arrange a chat with former campers or families who are willing to relay their personal experience.

Aspergers Camp

Age Matters for our Campers


At Talisman, we recognize there are significant developmental differences between an 8-year-old and an 18-year-old, and so we offer specialized programs for different age groups. Some programs run simultaneously during the summer and so campers of all ages will cross paths, such as in the dining hall and at all-camp campfires, but will engage in most activities with their own age group. Girls and boys may share group activities and be in the same developmental group, but will sleep in their own cabins.

Campers will be assigned to gender-specific cabins with peers from their age group, and more importantly, of similar developmental levels. This ensures that staff members approach each of the cabins with developmentally-appropriate teaching methods, such as establishing and providing support with nightly hygiene routines or working through keeping an organized bunk space. Further, campers who are bunked with developmentally-similar peers are more easily able to make friends with one another as they often share similarities not only in their struggles but also in their personal interests.

Programs Discovery, Sight and Foundations are geared towards our younger campers. Discovery is as it sounds, an introductory ADHD, Austism, and Aspergers summer camp for youth ages 6-7. This program allows campers with Aspergers, ADHD and other learning differences to get their feet wet and try out an overnight camp program, while learning important social skills. Activities include hiking, arts and crafts, and technical tree climbing. Sight focuses on campers diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (Autism level 1, Aspergers Syndrome, PDD and Nonverbal Learning Disorder) for ages 8-13. Activities are extensive and varied, all with the focus of “Challenge by Choice” which encourages campers to stretch their comfort zones. Foundations provides a focus for children with an ADHD diagnosis or similar learning differences, also ages 8-13. Foundations emphasizes adventure activities, cooperative living, and guided discussions during the course of the program.

Understanding Diagnosis Leads to Success

At Talisman Camps, we offer separate programs for our 8-13 year old campers with ADHD diagnoses and those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis.  While we recognize that up to 75% of youth diagnosed with an ASD also have an ADHD diagnosis, we want to abide by our goal of offering campers an experience with similarly-abled peers.  Youth with slower processing speeds, as measured by an element of their IQ testing, are generally assigned to the Sight program. This allows them to participate and socialize at a slower pace, minimizing frustration or feelings of being left behind.  For those who process at a more rapid pace, we generally assign to the Foundations program. We are more than happy to discuss your child’s specific needs in helping to determine which program option will be the best fit for him or her.

Our Teen and Young Adult Programs provide options for campers ages 13-17 and 18-22, respectively.  These programs stress appreciation of differences, respect, cooperation, and increased personal responsibility.  Our Teen Adventure Programs are for ages 13-17 and provide a variety of focuses: Mountain Odyssey, Quest, Caves & Mining and Tri-Adventures (14-17).  We further offer a program for youth on the Autism Spectrum in this age group, called Insight. Krewe and Leadership are specific offerings for returning alumni to further their skills and areas of interest.


While we again offer unique courses for those who are looking for an Autism and Aspergers Summer Camp, we also have offerings that include those with ADHD or other needs. All programs offer developmentally-appropriate activities and challenges.

Young Adult Programs are designed for campers ages 18-22 with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Young Adult tract builds confidence, independence and life-skills. There are additionally two by-invitation only extensions of Krewe and Leadership Programs for the young adult age group. Many returning campers come back for these sessions specifically to obtain continued support as they grow and encounter new life challenges. Staff can help young adults prepare for college, experience live interview situations, advance their social skills. These programs also provide opportunities to give back and encourage peer-to-peer leadership with newer campers, offering insight and guidance from personal reflection.

To learn more about Talisman Programs and our boys’ & girls’ ADHD, Autism and Aspergers summer camp programs, please select the appropriate age group or contact us today!


For over 40 years Talisman Camps have helped teens and young adults on the spectrum experience an inclusive transitional summer camp environment. We would love to speak with you and help you reserve a spot for this summer.