Student Profile for Talisman Semesters


The Right Fit for Greater Success

What kind of student is right for Talisman Semesters?  What child will most benefit from our unique program?

Talisman Semesters admits boys in middle or high school who are struggling socially and academically.  Our students lag in social skills, maturity, and independence.  As a result of failed interactions with peers and teachers, some will resist going to school.  They feel rejected, incapable, and frustrated.

Copy of PAGE 10 climbing fun (1)All of our students have unique strengths, talents and personalities; at Talisman, we create a supportive and nurturing environment in which those can develop and shine.  We provide the social skills training, a positive peer group, engaging academics and individual mentoring that allow our students to progress and build their self concepts as capable, appreciated, responsible students and community members.

 Talisman Semesters Student Profile

  • Male 12 – 17 years old
  • Middle and High school grades 7 – 12
  • Autism Level 1, Aspergers Syndrome, or ADHD (no diagnosis required)
  • Learning disorder, including NVLD
  • IQ 85 or higher
  • Physically able to do self-management (whether they choose to or not)
  • Often not engaged in school: might be in special class and not challenged – or- mainstreamed and over their head
  • Might have sensory integration issues
  • Generally social awkward
  • Struggles with anxiety and/or frustration
  • Frequently suffers sensory overload
  • Verbally capable – can communicate, though may not do so adeptly
  • Can communicate in group discussion – may not enjoy it but can do it
  • No more than 2 grade levels below in ability


Students who would not be appropriate for our Semesters:

  •  Verbal IQ below 85
  • Acute treatment needs
  • Physical aggression or similar acting out
  • Not fully verbal
  • Significantly below grade level

At our school for autism, Asperger’s, ADHD and other disorders, we strive to help teen boys succeed, regardless of their difficulties.