Programs for kids with ADHD are extremely beneficial. If you’re a parent of a child with ADHD, then you know they tend to have a hard time making new friends and they may get overwhelmed easily. While there are a wide range of programs from groups to equine therapy, overnight camps are extremely popular. There are a handful of overnight camps for kids with ADHD around the country, but one of the most reputable is Talisman Camps. Talisman Camps offers several programs for different age groups designed specifically for kids with ADHD. If you’re unsure about which camp your child will like best, follow these guidelines:

Accredited by the American Camp Association
The American Camp Association (ACA) is the nonprofit authority for summer camps and youth development. In order for a camp to be considered safe and reputable, it needs to be accredited by the ACA. Talisman Camps received its accreditation in the 1980’s. We take summer camps seriously, especially when it comes to our programs for kids with ADHD. We take every measure possible to ensure that our campers are kept safe while having an amazing time.

ADHD-friendly approach
When choosing the best programs for kids with ADHD, it’s crucial to consider the summer camp’s approach. They should not only understand ADHD, but have developed an ADHD-friendly approach to their programs that make all children at the camp feel included. When it comes to activities, discipline, and even structure, the camp should adopt a well-informed ADHD-friendly approach.

Years of experience running a camp
When it comes to programs for kids with ADHD, you want to pick a summer camp that is experienced. Newer summer camps haven’t hosted as many programs, don’t have experience running a large-scale camp, and might not even be trained to interact properly with children with ADHD. However, Talisman has nearly 40 years of experience in the special needs camping industry. Furthermore, each of our directors have nearly a decade of individual experience working at camps and running programs for kids with ADHD.

If you follow the tips above, you’ll be sure to find some of the best camp programs for kids with ADHD. However, don’t spend too much time looking around at other camps! Just peruse our Talisman Camps website and you’ll be hooked! Our camp programs are different than most programs for kids with ADHD because we encourage our campers to push themselves to their limits while also acting as a strong, caring, and understanding support system. It’s important to us that our campers not only feel comfortable at camp, but that they can make strong bonds with new friends. Talisman also checks off all of the points above!