ADHD Summer Camp Ohio Teens Love

care and treatment for all children, teenagers, and young adults ages 6-22 diagnosed with ADHD.

Meet the Counselors and Mentors at the Best ADHD Summer Camp Ohio Teens Love

If you want the best for your child diagnosed with ADHD come and visit the best ADHD summer camp Ohio parents trust and meet our staff members, counselors, and mentors.

About Our Unique ADHD Summer Camp Ohio Kids Choose

Among so many summer camps in the country, why do you need to choose us?

Our ADHD summer camp Ohio families love is dedicated and focused on providing excellent care and treatment for all children, teenagers, and young adults ages 6-22 diagnosed with ADHD.

We are professionals at what we do as we establish a close and personal relationship with each and every camper and understand their needs and know exactly what each camper wants. There are no special treatments at out camp as we treat each camper the same and always work as a team.

Our mission is to help campers relax and start communicating and socializing with children of their age so they can all build unforgettable memories together!


The Staff Members, Counselors, and Mentors at Our Camp

We are proud to say that we have the best staff members on board. Our summer camp would not be the same without these qualified and experienced people.

Our team of teachers, counselors, and mentors are professionals in various fields such as education, psychology, recreational therapy, management, etc. Many of them already have experience working in summer camps for children with special needs which means that they have passion and love towards working this type of job. This allows them to be extremely professional but also friendly-oriented to all campers who are seeking professional help with their communication skills.

The reason why our staff members and counselors decided to join our summer camp is because they feel a different energy at our camp. Even though they have worked in other summer camps, they are saying that our camp has not only an impeccable reputation but a whole different mission and perspective when compared to other summer camps. Our camp is always ready for physical and emotional challenges. Even though most of the activities are inside the camp, we offer our campers an opportunity to enjoy nature and explore the environment.

We make campers happy and that is all that matters!

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