ADHD Summer Camp North Carolina

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Enjoy an amazing expereince at our ADHD Summer Camp North Carolina families choose.

Do you want to ensure an unforgettable summer experience for your child with ADHD? Our ADHD summer camp North Carolina is what you need!

Our ADHD Summer Camp North Carolina

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If you are looking for a place where your child can learn, have fun, socialize, communicate, and grow into an independent person, look no further,  you have come to the right place!

Our ADHD summer camp North Carolina can offer your child a calm, nurturing, and friendly environment where you child can learn how to work with others, how to be more responsible, how to improve their self-confidence, and how to communicate in an easier way.

Why Your Child Has to Join Our Camp!

Our campers simply love our customized and unique camp programs. That is one of the reasons why we are a top choice among children with ADHD and their parents.

Besides our customized camp programs and interesting camp activities, we have the best staff on board. Our staff has managed to make real changes in children’s’ life through the years. Our staff is responsible for creating the best summer experiences our campers will remember forever.

All of our staff have professional experiences and skills that allow them to help children grow and enjoy our ADHD summer camp North Carolina. Their commitment and passion to help children are simply incredible!

Our Camp’s Programs & Activities

We provide various options for children who decide to choose our ADHD summer camp North Carolina. We have different camp programs you can choose from including Discover Program, Foundations Program, Adventure Program – Quest, Adventure Program – Hook and Tackle, Adventure Program – Tri Adventures, Adventure Program – Caves and Climbing, Leadership Program, and Krewe Program.

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The camp programs are divided into 3 groups, pre-teen, teen, and young adult. You can consult with our Admissions Director Robiyn to decide which program best suits your child.

ADHD Summer Camp North Carolina: Asheville, Raleigh, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Wilmington

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