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Our ADHD Camp New Mexico – All You Need to Know

ADHD Camp KentuckyWhile New Mexico has lower rates of children living with ADHD than other states, the numbers have been steadily climbing every single year. There are few resources for children with ADHD and their families in the state. While this can be frustrating for families, it oftentimes causes them to look out-of-state for resources - and that can be extremely beneficial! For the past several years, Talisman Camps has remained a leading ADHD camp New Mexico families choose, despite being located in North Carolina.

Talisman programs attract hundreds of children every year. This is extremely special considering the fact that every camper who attends Talisman has either ADHD or autism. One of the reasons why Talisman is a leading ADHD camp New Mexico families choose is because it is both welcoming and inclusive. At Talisman, we work hard to ensure no child ever feels ostracized because of their learning differences. We separate children based on their specific learning difference(s) and their age to ensure that they experience camp with children who are on their same developmental level. We have found that this method allows children to form many lifelong friendships!

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At Talisman, we understand your children. We ensure that our campers always know what to expect from their day and also encourage therapeutic practices, such as group discussions. The majority of our campers go home with better communication and socialization skills because we encourage them to talk in a group when they are upset or acting out. Talisman remains a leading ADHD camp New Mexico families love because of our unique approach to working with children with ADHD.

We are here to make unforgettable memories and help your child have an amazing summer!

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