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If you were to ask around in the south about leading ADHD Camp New Hampshire, the majority would answer: Talisman.

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ADHD Camp KentuckyIn New Hampshire, 1 in 10 children has ADHD. The amount of children living in the state has increased drastically over the past few years. While only 9% of children between the ages of 4 and 17 in New Hampshire had ADHD in 2003, the last report by the CDC in 2011 showed that 11.9% of children now have the condition. The rates have only continued to increase. With so many children in the state dealing with ADHD, a common internet search by parents is “leading ADHD camp New Hampshire parents support.” Despite there being so many options to choose from, Talisman Camps remains at the top of the list.

Located in nearby North Carolina, Talisman has been an ADHD camp for over 40 years. Over the past several decades, Talisman staff has continued to learn more and more about learning differences like ADHD and autism so that they can best support campers. Each year, we have campers return for Talisman programs. In fact, many of our campers come back for special alumni programs once they graduated from our programs. We are one of the top ADHD camps New Hampshire families choose for their children- and for many good reasons! Not only do we offer more programs than other ADHD camps in the area, but our staff also has more combined experience working with children with ADHD than the staff at any other camp. Each year, we host mandatory training sessions for new staff members to ensure that they will be a wonderful asset to our team.

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At Talisman, we understand your children. We ensure that our campers always know what to expect in their day and also encourage therapeutic practices, such as group discussions. The majority of our campers go home with better communication and socialization skills because we encourage them to talk in a group when they are upset or acting out. Talisman remains a leading ADHD Camp New Hampshire families love because of our unique approach to working with children with ADHD.

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