ADHD Summer Camp Nebraska Families Choose

Having a great time

One Day at Our ADHD Summer Camp Nebraska Families Choose

Discover how one day at our ADHD summer camp Nebraska Teens Love goes including the groups, activities, and games we organize, our usual routines and our daily schedule!

One Day at Our Summer Camp

Having a great time

We are located in North Carolina, but have families from all over Nebarska join us each year! Each day at our leading ADHD summer camp Nebraska families love starts with a morning routine that includes taking care of personal hygiene and cleaning the entire cabin. The morning routine is around 15-30 minutes and during our routine, we teach campers (children, teens, and young adults) about the importance of taking care of their hygiene. Once we are done with the routine, we prepare to have a delicious breakfast in the dining hall.

All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are prepared with the campers’ nutritional needs in mind. After we are done with the breakfast we have a morning meeting where we organize the activities for the day. We usually split into two groups – camp-based group and adventure-based group. The campers that are in the first group stay at the camp and the campers that are in the second group go outside the camp.

Both groups are supervised by our experienced and qualified staff members who put the security and the safety of the campers on the highest level possible. There are no differences in the groups, except the different games and activities we organize but that is because there are campers who are here for the first time and there are campers who come every year. The activities included in the camp-based group are more suitable for beginners while the other group or adventure-based group is for more adventurous campers.

We officially start the day with our morning activities. After we are done we have a quick meeting where we discuss our accomplishments. After the meeting, we move to the kitchen where we enjoy a delicious lunch.

Once we are done with the lunch we split again and we enjoy the afternoon activities. In the afternoon, we have another meeting where we share what we have learned that day or something funny that happen. After the meeting, we enjoy dinner.

Around 9 PM we have our own nighttime routine and we prepare for bed.

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