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Our ADHD Camp Mississippi – All You Need to Know

ADHD Camp KentuckyWhen parents want to send their children with ADHD to summer camp, they are faced with the question: “Who do I ask for recommendations?” Parents oftentimes turn to the internet, which can be overwhelming due to the amount of choices. Some parents turn to their child’s doctor or therapist and are disappointed by the lack of options. There is only one ADHD summer camp that your child should attend, regardless of where you live: Talisman Camps. Talisman is a leading ADHD camp Mississippi families love, as well as families around the world. We have campers every year visit from as far as overseas just to attend our ADHD summer programs. Not only do we have campers from a variety of different locations, but we also have an incredibly high rate of campers who return to Talisman.

Attending summer camp is all about making friends and having new experiences. This why Talisman separates campers by age group and program. We have programs for four different age groups: 6-7, 8-13, 14-17, and 18-22. Within these different age groups, we offer plethora of summer programs. We have standard summer camp to caves and climbing camp. We have found that we are consistently the leading ADHD camp Mississippi families love because of our program's structure. By separating campers by age, they can be in a group of people that are at their same emotional and mental developmental levels. This makes it easier for them to connect with each other. Then, when we separate campers by program, they can additionally be in a group of like-minded kids with similar interests.

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At Talisman, we are not only passionate about what our programs stand for, but we are also dedicated to each and every one of our campers. Each camper is able to receive plenty of one-on-one attention while on a Talisman program because we understand how crucial this is for children with ADHD. All of our staff members from counselors to medical staff are highly trained in working with children with learning differences like ADHD and autism.

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