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If you were to ask around about leading ADHD Camp Michigan, the majority would answer: Talisman.

Our ADHD Camp Michigan – All You Need to Know

ADHD Camp KentuckySummer camps have been around for over 100 years. Over the years, they have turned into a cultural symbol and are now an inherent part of childhood for many children. There are all different kinds of summer camps Michigan families have to choose from- standard summer camp, adventure camps, horse camps, art camps, theater camps, and so on. While these options are available to all children, the truth is that they are not designed with all children in mind. Children with ADHD, for example, require a very specific environment in order to not only have fun, but to feel comfortable. When the founders of Talisman realized that so many children are left out of the summer camp experience, they founded Talisman Camps.

Talisman Camps has been up and running for over three decades. Since it began in the 1980’s, thousands of children have enrolled in programs. Children come to attend camp from nearly every state, which explains why Talisman is the leading ADHD camp Michigan families love. We have been told that our spot as the #1 ADHD camp Michigan families love is due to the unique nature of Talisman programs. We offer a wide range of programs for several different age groups, from the traditional camping experience to boating and adventure camps. But all of our programs have one thing in common: they are designed specifically for children with ADHD and Aspergers. It’s important to us that children with ADHD aren’t ostracized for being “different”- that they are instead welcomed with open arms and catered to.

Why not join us this summer?

Talisman staff work hard to make sure that the camp’s environment is perfect for campers with ADHD. Whether your child has ADHD or is on the autism spectrum, we guarantee that they will be in good hands and enjoy their time at camp. There’s a reason why Talisman is the leading ADHD Camp Michigan families love.

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