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ADHD Summer Camp California Families Choose for an Amazing Experience

If you want to make this summer unforgettable and fun for your child, our ADHD summer camp California kids love is without a doubt the perfect place!

Our ADHD Summer Camp California Families Love – All You Need to Know

We completely understand how it can be a challenge for parents to provide a summer filled with fun, laughs, and happy memories for their children with ADHD, Aspergers, or Autism.

As one of the nation’s leading ADHD Summer Camps, we are here to offer you our help and give your child a summer that he or she will never forget. At our camp, children with learning challenges or difficulty in communication or socialization have various options. We are known for providing one of the best camp experiences for kids with ADHD our camp includes fun and interesting activities specially crafted for your child’s age, interests, and skills.

Our camp includes Discovery, Foundations, Teen Adventures, and Leadership program. Discovery is an introduction to our camp for children between age 6 and 7. Foundations offers camp-based adventures for children and young adults between age 8 and 13. Teen Adventures provides wilderness activities and it is for children between age 13 and 17, and Leadership offers activities for improving the community and social skills. It is for campers between age 16 and 22.

All of our programs and camp activities are supervised by our high-quality and competent staff. The members of our staff ensure the campers are focused on areas such as organization, social interaction, and personal responsibly. From our professional experience, this is what can help your child improve its self-confidence and have fun while learning and playing with other children of its age.

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If you are interested in our summer camp and you think that our ADHD summer camp California families choose is the right choice, make sure to contact us and reserve a place for your child! Spots fill up fast.

We are here to make unforgettable memories and lots of happy moments.

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