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If you were to ask around in the south about leading ADHD Camp Minnesota, the majority would answer: Talisman.

Our ADHD Camp Minnesota – All You Need to Know

ADHD Camp KentuckyWhen parents are looking for an ADHD camp Minnesota families like themselves would attend, they typically have quite a long list of requirements. They want to make sure that the camp is safe, runs on a schedule, has experienced staff members, can accommodate different dietary needs, and so on. However, it can feel nearly impossible to find a summer camp that meets every requirement on the list. There is one exception to this: Talisman Camps. Talisman is a summer camp that offers several programs- all of which were created for children with ADHD. For this reason, Talisman can easily tick off every single box on the requirements list.

Since Talisman started over 40 years ago, it has been a temporary home for thousands of summer campers. Talisman staff are incredibly passionate about carrying on the legacy of the camp and remaining the leading ADHD camp Minnesota families- and families around the world- love. At Talisman, your child can expect to have adult staff members looking after them who have both experience and training in working with children with ADHD. Furthermore, they can expect to be informed every morning about the day’s plans so that they won’t have any surprises. Our kitchen can also cater to any dietary restrictions and our staff can administer medication to campers- provided that the medication was packed properly by the parents.

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Talisman staff work hard to make sure that the camp’s environment is perfect for campers with ADHD. Whether your child has ADHD or is on the autism spectrum, we guarantee that they will be in good hands and enjoy their time at camp. There’s a reason why Talisman is the leading ADHD camp Minnesota families love.

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