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Our ADHD Camp Maryland – All You Need to Know

ADHD Camp KentuckyFinding an ADHD camp Maryland families love is no easy feat. A simple internet search for “top ADHD camps Maryland” will leave you with hundreds of results. How do you know where to start? What should you be looking for at the camps? All of this can be very overwhelming. Many families have contacted us, confused and exhausted from hours of researching the best ADHD camp Maryland has to offer. The truth is that, while it is a bit more convenient to send your child to an ADHD camp in Maryland, the best ADHD camps Maryland families love are out-of-state! Just think about it- would you rather send your child to a convenient camp or one that will change their lives forever?

Talisman Camps has been around for 40 years and caters to a wide range of campers- including many that come from out-of-state. Located in North Carolina, we have campers come to visit every summer from as far as California! The main reason why we are the leading ADHD camp Maryland families love is because we have in-depth knowledge of and extensive hands-on experience with children with ADHD and Asperger’s. At other ADHD camps, it’s common for the owner or manager of the camp to have experience with children on the spectrum- but then hire inexperienced counselors. This isn’t the case at Talisman! While we hire counselors and staff members that have direct experience working with children on the spectrum, we also have mandatory training for all new staff members.

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Talisman staff work hard to make sure that the camp’s environment is perfect for campers with ADHD. Whether your child has ADHD or is on the autism spectrum, we guarantee that they will be in good hands and enjoy their time at camp. There’s a reason why Talisman is the leading ADHD Camp Maryland families love.

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