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If you were to ask around in the south about leading ADHD Camp Maine, the majority would answer: Talisman.

Our ADHD Camp Maine – All You Need to Know

ADHD Summer Camp CaliforniaTalisman Summer Camps is a camp for children affected by ADHD and Asperger’s. It has been around for over 40 years and is one of the most popular special needs camps in the country. However, while the amount of campers at Talisman increases every year, there are still children who could benefit from camp that aren’t aware of this leading ADHD camp Maine families love. While we are located in North Carolina, we don’t have as many campers from the east coast as we believe we should. At Talisman, we know just how much of a positive impact summer camp can have on a child with ADHD and we want every child on the spectrum to be able to experience it for themselves.

As it’s quite a small state, there aren’t many ADHD camps Maine families have to choose from. However, their children’s lives can be forever changed if they just head down south. At Talisman, we have campers from around the country in every program. The amount of diversity present at the leading ADHD camp Maine families love is a huge benefit for campers. They get to meet children from around the country who they have so much in common with- and they get to meet lifelong friends! One of the main reasons why Talisman is the leading ADHD camp Maine families love- and why our campers come back every year- is because of the amount of opportunities afforded to the campers. At Talisman, they aren’t seen as “different”- instead, everyone at camp is just like them! We have seen children with severe communication and socialization challenges make lifelong friends at Talisman.

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The purpose of an ADHD camp like Talisman is for children with ADHD to connect with one another, practice communication and socialization skills, and learn more about themselves. They can do all of this at Talisman while also having fun! We offer several different themed summer programs, as well as a standard summer camp program, so there is something that everyone will enjoy. Whether your child is 6 years old or 20 years old, it’s important that they are given the opportunity to grow at a leading ADHD Camp Maine families love.

ADHD Camp Maine

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