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If you were to ask around in the south about leading ADHD Camp Louisiana teens love, the majority would answer: Talisman.

Our ADHD Camp Louisiana families choose – All You Need to Know

ADHD Camp LouisianaDid you know that, today, 1 in 59 American children have autism? In 2015, there were nearly 5,000 children and young adults aged 3-21 years old that had autism in the state of Louisiana. Unfortunately, there are few resources available in Louisiana for children with autism and their families. However, many Louisiana families have found that attending an out-of-state autism summer camp has helped improve their children’s socialization and communication skills immensely. When it comes to the favorite ADHD camp Louisiana children attend, Talisman Summer Camps is clearly in the lead.

Located in nearby North Carolina, Talisman is a camp designed solely for children with ADHD and autism. Unlike other summer camps that simply try to accommodate children with these learning challenges, we at Talisman build our entire curriculum around the needs and interests of those on the spectrum. Talisman is an ADHD camp Louisiana children attend, but the camp has campers from all around the country.

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The purpose of an ADHD camp like Talisman is for children with ADHD to connect with one another, practice communication and socialization skills, and learn more about themselves. They can do all of this at Talisman while also having fun! We offer several different themed summer programs, as well as a standard summer camp program, so there is something that everyone will enjoy. Whether your child is 6 years old or 20 years old, it’s important that they are given the opportunity to grow at a leading ADHD camp Louisiana families love.

ADHD Camp Louisiana

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