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If you were to ask around in the south about leading ADHD camps Kentucky, the majority would answer: Talisman.

Our ADHD Camp Kentucky – All You Need to Know

ADHD Camp KentuckyWe have been a popular summer camp choice for children with ADHD and Asperger’s for many years. However, a common question that families ask us is, “How do we know that Talisman is the best summer camp choice for our child?” This is a very important question, as picking the wrong summer camp for your child can have unfortunate consequences. When it comes to ADHD camps Kentucky families enjoy, Talisman is the leading choice for several reasons. However, the most significant reason is this: we understand children with ADHD and Asperger’s and we care about them.

While there are several special needs summer camps in the country, few focus specifically on children with ADHD and Asperger’s. Furthermore, the special needs camps that do focus on these children don’t offer many camping options. The camps are typically day camps with limited activities. This can lead to many children with ADHD who attend these camps feeling left out or uninterested. At Talisman, we understand how children with ADHD process the world, the challenges they have, and what they value most. This is why we are a world-renowned ADHD camp Kentucky families- and families around the country- love. All Talisman staff have experience working with kids on the spectrum and receive further training before they begin work. When parents leave their children with us for a summer program, they know that they will be in good hands.

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ADHD Camp Kentucky

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